Tiger Swimming in Zoo Negara

It is late, very late but finally decided to sit down and compile my Top 10 Shots of 2009. Not surprisingly, pretty much dominated by shots with animals in them. Got to start diversifying a bit more :)

1. The above was shot in Zoo Negara and well, what more can I say? Tiger swimming and patience again paid off.


2. The classic composition of the gentle giant. Everyone seems to have this shot, so I must have one as well.

My Nat Geo Moment

3. Most of my wildlife shots have been rather err static. So when I got one that has a bit more action, a bit more dynamic, let’s just say that I was very proud of myself :P Now my next target is to get one of the young ones to jump into the water and capture that.

Dew in the Middle

4. Not one of my sharpest ever macro shots but I was always fascinated in capturing water droplets. This one, nestled in between leaves, made it my favourite although not technically perfect.

Portrait of an Owl

5. This was one of the very first time I used the 300mm f4 for a proper outing. Fell in love with the lens and this is the factor that made me stick with Nikon through thick and thin. Absolutely solid lens, and bought for me by Sharon! I know, I am so lucky :)


6. Brought Sharon to Cebu to check out our wedding venue, and visited the island of Olango. Beautiful place, clear water, blue sky, what more can I ask for?

Audrey Ng

7. My very cute niece, and one of the best shots I have of her. Of course, I have a few more extra this year. She turns 1 this month and I am sure I will get more shots of her soon enough.

Portrait of an Eaglel

8. Same outing as the owl shot, but this was through a cage, and of the eagle. For RM2000, this is easily one of the sharpest lens I’ve own. Shooting it wide open at f4 is not a problem at all.

Illuminating Dragon

9. Penang is pretty much a location that has been done to death. I was looking for something different and almost went blind trying to get this shot at Khoo Kongsi. I thought it was pretty different, no?

Swooping In

10. Birds in flight? I think we all wish we could capture it in a photo. And capturing this eagle in mid flight was a personal achievement. These birds fly fast! Will give it another go in future visits to Jurong Birdpark :)

And that’s it, my Top 10 of 2009. Not too shabby eh?

22 thoughts on “My Top 10 Shots of 2009

  1. OMG dude! PATIENCE does give its worth!!! Awesome! It’s almost like… you’re working for National Geographic or something! I love your wildlife shots… and the Bird shot!!! Amazing man!!! I tried bird shots but it was too hard for me even on 300mm… and macro shots… dude amazing droplet! and nice capture of the monkeys in action!!!

    Anyway…. breathtaking pictures.. .and nice shot of Cebu! I will be going to Cebu tomorrow… curious.. when is your wedding again? XD

    Anyway, keep on taking inspiring shots…and I also love the story behind it… keep it going man… keep us inspired!

  2. shabby? Those were excellent shots! I particularly dig the simple yet serene shot of the water droplet. Simple but the play of curvy lines from the leaves adds some interest to the pixie. I simply love it! And also the clean and crisp shot of ur niece with her tact sharp eyes, awesome!

  3. I like the last one. The proton Gen2… which seems like moving one.


    Damn. That is an advert. He! He! He!

    I like 1,3 and 10.
    Which is the best? Well, 3 will be my best choice because of the timing and rarity of this kinda shots.

  4. @Vic Thanks :)

    @Xiaopei Thank you :)

    @kenwooi Thx :)

    @Vincent Haha yes it has been quite a productive year for me :) Not as adventurous as 2008, but still good enough. You should really find the time!

    @karheng wahahah but at 18mm on a D90, its only 27mm equivalent. Not that wide ma :P

    @Hannah Thanks :) Enjoy Cebu! Its a lovely, lovely place. My wedding is in October :D

    @snoopy Thanks :) Those shots were taken with Nikon D90 :D I can easily recommend this camera to anyone!

    @meendee hehe thanks :D When are you going to do ur Top 10?

    @Tim Cheh :P I shot the Gen 2 for the ad hahahaha. :P Them monkeys actually fight a lot in Singapore Zoo, must go one day and capture a different one :D

  5. @eutjin Thanks :)

    @Mark How I wish :)

    @babe hehe thanks :D

    @kurt lol a slideshow with 10 shots? Even Blur’s 2 minute song won’t work hahaha

  6. I’ve been waiting for this post! i thought you were gonna make one during new year. :P
    I could’ve sworn I was looking pictures from National Geographic archives. hehehe
    GReat shots nick! I particularly like the one with the monkeys, you can feel the life from it and a round of applause for the BIF (bird in flight).

    Truly amazing. Keep up the good work nick!

  7. @Charles Dastodd Thanks :)

    @Photoblogger Haha I was going to make it during the new year and then forgot all about it :P Thanks, but a long way more to go before these are accepted into Nat Geo archives!

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