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Everyone knows Funan Digital Mall in Singapore for its IT and gadget stuff. Very few talk about it for food. But there are some pretty nice places to eat in Funan itself and Paradise Inn is one of them. Serving Chinese food, one can expect the usual affair with good taste at a decent price.

I am a big fan of the err braised (?) peanuts, so any restaurant that serves me that, and it is done well deserves a good mention.

Poached Chinese Spinach with Egg Trio with Superior Stock

Sharon tasted a bit of this dish the last time, and she wanted to eat it again. I am also happy to give this dish a second go. It is pretty much soup, with poached Chinese spinach and a combination of egg, salted egg and century egg – all in a superior broth thingamajig.

This is really good and a dish I would recommend to anyone. I believe some of them call it “seong tong”.

Century Egg with Pickled Ginger

Sharon loves century egg, and so do I. Not a big fan of pickled ginger though, so I usually down the egg by itself. You can’t really mess this up.

Sweet and Sour Pork with Lychees

Take another dish that you can’t go wrong like Sweet and Sour Pork, add lychees to it and you have a combination that will satisfy me. It is not a “must eat” but it contains two of my favourite ingredients – pork and lychees so yes, it is good. You probably won’t be able to differentiate it from any usual sweet and sour pork though. Until you bite into the lychees, then you taste lychee :P

Ah Baling with Red Bean Sago

We moved on to desserts and the first was Ah Baling with Red Bean Sago. Not too sweet, and the filling was nice, substantial enough to call it filling. This is a good dessert to have, at least better than our next.

Sweet Taro Paste with Sweet Potato

The Sweet Taro Paste with Sweet Potato looks good on paper. We were excited to try it until they served us one that has gone bad. That was a pity, it was so promising but all we remember of it now is the sour taste. They refunded us but we will try it the next time. If we dare.

So, there you have it, Paradise Inn in Funan Digital Mall, Singapore. If you are hungry after shopping for gadgets, then this place could help you appease that hunger.

Paradise Inn
Funan Digital Mall
109 North Bridge Road #02-10/11, Funan Digitalife Mall Singapore 179097
(+65) 6338 4018

9 thoughts on “Food! – Paradise Inn @ Funan Digital Mall, Singapore

  1. @kenwooi yup yummy indeed

    @babe hehe ok! cook for me pls :D and yep, chau sng!

    @Charles Dastodd lol you should, when you get a chance to! :)

  2. Lychees in sweet and sour pork? You literally mean the lychee fruit that is white in flesh with red skin? Hmm, never tried such before!

    And I love the braised peanuts too. Vietnam Kitchen in 1Udoes them quite well, and I think you could get them from Ah Yat and Jaya Palace too :)

  3. @meendee yep, that lychee fruit, though I am not sure if they used the canned version. And will check those places out for braised peanuts! :D

  4. May I suggest that they train their staff to simply ask (especially to Westerners) “Would you like a bowl of peanuts?” or “Could I get you a wet towel?” before simply leaving them on the table. Westerners may not be aware of this custom and if you are going to be so careful not to offend locals , you can show just as much courtesy for others who are not “in the know”. I have been to many (seemingly lower class) Chinese restaurants that don’t charge for either of these items. Of course, you won’t even consider doing this because it will cut into your profits. And whatever explanation you have given is just masking this point.

    How can customers abuse the good will of complimentary items? It’s an upscale restaurant! How can anyone abuse this?
    A very unethical, petty, shameful, and loathsome practice to say the least!
    You have insulted customers for giving something that they assumed was complimentary and then quietly charging for it. I will say it again in case you skimmed through this letter: Anything which is not on the menu and was given without asking SHOULD NOT BE CHARGED

  5. @John Smith I agree with you. You can try writing it to them because I am in no way affiliated to the restaurant. I was just blogging about a personal experience of mine.

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