Audrey Ng

Say hello to my niece – Audrey Ng! I had the chance to trail her with a camera during the recent Chinese New Year, and well, it was fun. Because isn’t she the cutest thing? :)

Audrey Ng

She is quite attached to her grandpa and grandpa was busy carrying her, and help her ride on those animal-ride thingamajig. I think he had some back pain after that :P

Audrey Ng

Of course, since she is my niece, I must of course take a shot of her with my sister, so here is my sister and her very precious daughter. Audrey even gave me a big smile for this shot. Can be framed up, don’t ya think?

Audrey Ng

And my final favourite shot of her this Chinese New Year, when she looked out the glass door at my uncle’s place. I thought the reflection was pretty cool :)

So, say hello to Audrey, my fellow readers!

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