Thean Hou Temple with lanterns

The last time I was at Thean Hou Temple, they didn’t turn on the lights. So, yesterday, after a bit of stress, I decided to head there to de-stress and hopefully catch Thean Hou Temple with all its lanterns lights on. It was! And it was indeed quite a sight.

It was just so red everywhere! Very, very CNY mood.

Thean Hou Temple with lanterns

As you can see, it was just rows and rows and rows and rows of lanterns and they are absolutely beautiful when its all on! Of course, there are some that malfunctioned so you can see some that are not turned on.

Thean Hou Temple with lanterns

The only way to describe the lanterns would be a sea of them! If I can swim on electric wires, I would be swimming in them. Not that I am a great swimmer…

Thean Hou Temple with lanterns

When you are there, make sure you don’t just sit at the main temple area. Climb up a few more steps and you will get to enjoy a different view. While I was up there, I’ve heard people said that they have never been to the area before. Its amazing what a few flight of stairs will give you when you are willing to climb.

Thean Hou Temple with lanterns

And since I was there, I thought I’ll try some ermm “artsy” shots. Don’t think I am much of an art photographer. The shot above was suppose to say that the two roofs were meeting each other. They were quite far apart in actual fact.

I was pretty satisfied with my second time around, and with my new toy, the AF Nikkor 18-35mm :) Now, who said FX lenses weren’t affordable?

6 thoughts on “A Second Go At Thean Hou Temple

  1. woaH! that is a lot of lanterns!

    Usually for night shots I expect pictures to be very warm and in a series of two or three colors. Your third shot was unexpected. Truly wonderful!

  2. i actually visited once at night and once in the day… personally thought it looked better lit up at night… but din have my camera then.

  3. @lechua Ahh yes, it certainly looks better at night. I did a ROM shoot there before during the day, its not that flattering. And a lot more people too!

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