Baboon and its kid

You know I shifted from film back to digital but of course, it is a must that I at least bring the film camera to the zoo. Armed with the Nikon FE, a 300mm lens and a roll of Fuji film, I knew I only had 36 clicks to make the visit worth it.

Of course, in the end, I got only a handful of usable shots, but well, better than zilch!

Lion on Film

While I have been happy to shoot on film because its quite carefree, when it came to the zoo, I felt totally different. Somehow, the inability to check if I got the shot got to me. With other subjects, it didn’t really matter to me. But when it came to animals, well let’s just say I am a bit more particular.

Shaking off the water

Having said that, was it fun shooting on film? Yes it was quite fun. Was the results good? Let me just say that I was pleasantly surprised with some. Which also meant that my skills are not too bad lah! At least it didn’t turn out to be a complete washout in terms of pictures of acceptable quality.

Proboscis Monkey on Film

And another definite plus for me is the colour of the shots! I have so far been unable to replicate the same tone in my digital pictures. This was saturated, yet subtle at the same time. My search goes on but I am sure Photoshop will let me do such thing. If anyone knows how, let me know :) Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Singapore Zoo on Film

  1. @IyouweBlog.com Thanks :)

    @JLean Thanks for stopping by..

    @Mark Leo Thanks :) Somehow after looking at this, I think the FE meters better than the D700! :P

  2. wow wow wow.

    With the birth of Digital Photography anyone can claim to be “pro photographers”. I believe Film truly separates the posers from the masters. You nick are one real master of the art of photography.

    I am humbled that you drop by my blog shi fu.

  3. @Photoblogger I am no shi fu :) and you take excellent pictures yourselves. And my film camera was still a semi-auto cam! It had aperture priority :P so I am not all that great. Thanks anyway :) you inflated my ego slightly hahaha

  4. @meendee hahaha won’t la :) You have a film cam longer than me! Surely better shots :)

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