Having Fun on My Bed

She really went wild on my bed. I knew I had a lot of toys on my bed but I didn’t expect her to go so wild. But its ok. She had fun, and I’m happy. So it mutually benefited us. And I am cool with that.


But I bet you didn’t expect to see a picture of a baby when you read the headlines. Well, its more of my niece except these were taken a while back. That is why she probably looks different from the recent CNY post, and with a lil less hair too.

Is That All?

Well, it didn’t take long for her to get bored. And after going crazy for a few minutes, she decided that she wanted to be carried downstairs. At least I get to sleep.

9 thoughts on “Going Crazy On My Bed

  1. @Iyouweblog.com she is very cute :)

    @babe hehe err your toys :D

    @ivan well they are not actually mine :P

    @lechua Thanks! Child portraits are fun :) But trying to get that moment is one big challenge :)

  2. my my, your bed really does have a lot of soft toys! Getting ready for kids, is it :D

    I like the 2nd shot best, clean and simple! Don’cha just wanna pinch those cheeks :D

  3. @meendee lol toys good ma, serves as secondary pillows :P and yep, those cheeks are pinchable :P

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