What's wrong with my leg?

Recently, I took an almost 3 hour drive up north to Taiping just to see what the Taiping Zoo is like. It was a good zoo, not as good as Melaka Zoo but definitely better than the National Zoo. They were changing some of their cage displays to glass viewing areas except the glass weren’t too clean.

Animals placed in open area also had very big compound to roam but that made photography a bit more difficult. My 300mm definitely felt shorter than before ever since I changed to a FX system. I’ve never really captured a lot of gibbon photos so this time around, I was surprised I got a few more than usual.

Looking Back At Me

I spotted about four gibbons and two were quite active. I believe one was the youngest one as it kept climbing up and down. Pretty quick creatures and the young one even went up the pillar a few times for the mother or father to check on him.

I am always intrigued by their long arms and their funny style of walking but among all the primates, other than the orang utan, I think the gibbon is the next best one to photograph.

Hanging On

I spent a fair bit of time with the gibbons and finally left when I thought I had pretty good pictures of them. And of course, will share the rest of the Taiping Zoo shots next week! So keep reading for that!

Have a good weekend everyone.

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