Sleepy Wild Cat

It is true that many zoo animals appear lethargic, tired and well, no enthusiasm for about anything that is happening. After all, when your existence is taken care of and there are no immediate threats, why bother right? So, it is no surprise that some of the residents of the Taiping Zoo looked a bit tired.

In the case of the wild cat, can’t blame it as I believe it is a nocturnal animal. Just wait when the sun comes down, it might be jumping around.

Sleepy Orang Utan

The Orang Utan is also not the most active animal you can find. Even in wild conservation areas in Sabah and Sarawak, you will still see them sitting on top of the trees most of the time. At most, you will see them spread eagle hanging on the trees.

This beauty was kind enough to flash me a smile even though it looked like it was dozing off to a good afternoon nap.

Sleepy Lemur

The lemurs in Melaka Zoo was jumping around and running around and was looking alert. It was quite a different scene here in Taiping Zoo as the lemur was not all interested with what was happening. The most you can get out of this creature is a semi-interested look with its head tilted upwards slightly. That’s about it. Count yourself lucky if you witness that.

It is a hot period in Malaysia, and that might contribute to some of the general sleepiness around. I know I am sleepy everyday. YAWN!!!

4 thoughts on “Sleepy Residents

  1. @Photoblogger haha well the subjects were cute :) Not so sure if the jungle cat is ferocious, haven’t seen that side of it :)

  2. I don’t mind sleepy animals or even animals asleep when I visit the zoo. What annoys me is when they are asleep with their butt facing me (which was the case in my last visit to the Singapore Zoo). Can’t get a good shot of anything! :(

  3. @Vincent When you go to the zoos as often as I do, you don’t want to see them sleepy! Unless they are cute :P

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