Taking Care of Its Nest

I know some of you might be getting bored with the third posts on animal shots but I really do love them zoo residents! What can I do? I take a lot of shots and out of 200 or so from a single outing, I narrow it down to 20 on a lucky day. As I said before, Taiping Zoo is quite a beautiful zoo and once all the improvements are done, I am sure that it will be quite a draw.

One of the things that I like is the vast space given to the animals (bad for my photography since my 300mm has lesser reach) but it is really good for the animals. For example, the birds get to make their own nests, in a big pool of water, and no disturbance from the rest of us. Except for the constant gawking.

Observing From A Tree

Birds of all kinds are perched on the tree, there were hornbills as well but I was too slow in catching them while they were flying around so you have to be satisfied with shots of these blue and white egrets? I think they look like egrets but I could be wrong. These egrets were everywhere near the “Savannah” area, with nests on trees, in the water and they were just observing all of us. While we were observing them, wonder if they think we look funny.

The Feathers

And then of course, there were plenty of flamingos and I got a chance to get close to them. Once I was that close, I decided to take a shot of their feathers and just look how soft they are. I don’t know if they will peck me if I tried to touch it. I also saw a monitor lizard swimming in the waters they were at but I didn’t take a shot. Now I regret not taking one :(

The Wink

I am a fan of owls and one good thing about the Melaka Zoo was that the owls were outside. No big cages to stop me from photographing them. I doubt owls will claw my eye out so we don’t exactly need to stuff them inside cages. This one was inside a cage, and very far back.

Generous cropping helped me get the look I wanted. And there you go, the feathered friends of Taiping Zoo. An interesting bunch but it will be a while before I get acquainted with them again.

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  1. @The Photoblogger Thanks, ahh so they are herons :D

    @The Photodiarist Thanks :) Amazing what an old lens can still do right? No VR, no AFS/HSM/silent focus magic, just plain good glass :)

    @meendee Thanks :) What ass? :P

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