Tiger in the Water

Undoubtedly the stars of Taiping Zoos are the tigers. These beasts live in a pretty large enclosure with a huge lake for them to swim in. Problem with having that huge lake between me and them? My 300mm lens didn’t have enough reach. Therefore, what I did was insane crop of the pictures. How I wish I have 20MP on my camera right now.

Eek! It's a fish!

The tigers were quite active when I was there. Definitely more so than the lions, which were sleeping and didn’t give me inspiration to watch and photograph them. But the tigers were having fun splashing in the water. They also seem to have found a worthy match for them in the water. Probably some fish and they were quite frightened by it too. Splashing around a few times trying to fight the invisible fish (well invisible to me). Maybe it was a really giant fish.

Hiding in the trees

There was also a loner tiger that didn’t join in the fun. It was hiding out in the trees and I was trying to get a clear reflection but the wind and the splashing nearby didn’t help the settle the water. Oh well, perhaps I’ll get my chance the next time I visit the zoo again.

The Good Old Days

Finally I decided to have a little fun during post processing and tried to add an old touch to the photo. With no cages around, I thought I’ll call this “The Good Old Days” when tigers were free to roam and have their fun. They didn’t have to be worried about poachers.

So, yes I am back blogging! It’s been hectic but I finally found the time to post something. Will now try to catch up on reading the blogs I am subscribed to :)

6 thoughts on “The Taiping Zoo Stars

  1. @kenwooi Thanks :) This was my first time though and I think it will be a while before I go back :)

    @Photoblogger Thanks :) Luckily they were active, else I would have left disappointed :P

    @kumfye haha you should go then :)

  2. Nick: These are really awesome – especially the last one. I love the processing in that one. I feel as though I am looking at Nat. Geo photographs. You have a way with photographing nature that yields excellent photographs.

  3. @The Photodiarist Thanks :) Well, I can’t get people shots that are as awesome as yours, so might as well try my luck in others :P

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