Mute Swan

After taking a break from the animal shots yesterday, I thought I’ll finally wrap up the Taiping Zoo series as the last post for the week. I have always tried to get a good shot of the swan, and I think I finally got one. Didn’t know it was called the mute swan though, no wonder it didn’t make any noise while I was there.

Taiping Zoo Iguana

There are a couple of animals that pretty much get my attention in a zoo and one of them is the iguana. Probably the fact that I can get quite close to it without it chopping my head off has something to do with it. Then again, I always loved its eyes and the scaly bits.

Sleek Mr Otter

And then of course, there are always the cute otters swimming and running around. This time, I saw one just coming out of the water. The sleek and wet body was quite different from my usual shots of these lil fellas.

Blue Gold Macaw

The macaws are very beautiful birds, but I always get my best shots with the blue-gold variant. Maybe red is a bane for digital sensor so I tend to stay away. The above shot is another reason why the 300mm f4 remains my favourite lens. It is affordable and the details captured is simply amazing. I am continuously amazed at this lens and I am so glad that Sharon bought it for me.

Good to have a wife that is supportive of your hobby eh?

Buaya Tembaga Taiping

And the croc! One can never forget the croc. They seldom move so it gives you the chance to compose properly. They have amazing looking teeth (when its not sunk into your flesh), beautiful texture on their skin and very scary looking eyes. I don’t think I’ll get tired of shooting crocs.

There you have it! My series on the Taiping Zoo which generated more pictures than I thought it would. Next stop? Probably a return to the Melaka Zoo before I tackle Singapore Zoo again. Have a great weekend everyone!

12 thoughts on “Wrapping Up the Taiping Zoo Series

  1. Oh wow, those are some beautiful shots you got. I absolutely LOVE the swan one — the contrast of the black and white is gorgeous! Great job.

    Btw, I love zoo trips. :) I plan to go back this summer!

  2. @meendee Thanks :) but I think I messed up some of the cloning bits

    @Latrina Thanks :) I love zoo trips too!

  3. Your photos are magnificent. I hope to own a DSLR one day. Saw an ad on Canon EOS 550D and saving my a*s off for it. When the time comes, can I get some advise from you on how to shoot?

  4. @Photoblogger Thanks :) Yeah, red is a bane to digital sensors! :P The 300mm f4 is US$600-650 for a used copy :)

    @lechua Thanks! I used the Nikkor AF 300mm f4 (really old lens!) and the D700

    @Omahabojan Thanks :) And will be glad to help whenever I can :)

  5. @Eileen Saw Plan to return to Taiping for other locations of interest! That lil town of yours has got lots of stuff to photograph!

  6. Oh yes. The last time I went back was during Chinese New Year and I had so much to take too..One of the place you could try is the newly built .. It is located opposite the King Edward secondary school. Opposite of that … is this very old abandon looking building which was once the Court house.

    Other than that, try the mangroove area @ Matang / Kuala Sepetang.

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