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Recently, I went to help out and also cover the THINKCON event held in Sri Cempaka Damansara school. It is a yearly event where kids, parents and teachers gather for a full day of boardgaming fun. And regardless of how electronic gaming incorporates social elements in the game, nothing will ever beat the simple old tabletop gaming.

Stumped by Ricochet Robot

I am not really a great photographer of people, I prefer our furry and hairier counterparts but I am trying to do people more. This was a game of Ricochet Robots which is a simple game. There’s the robots on the board, and you just need to figure out a way to get the correct robot to the correct location. But trust me, from the look on their faces, you can get quite stumped in figuring out the shortest route.

One thing though, these kids are fast. While I was still looking for the correct robot, they were already screaming out the shortest route. Must be getting old..


This year, there were quite a number of games available for play. As usual, Blokus and Ricochet Robots were the popular choices but there might be a new favourite with a particular hamburger game. There is also the 2-player Ninja vs Ninja which features very cute pieces and the very awesome Pandemic.

Arm Chair General

There is also the miniature war game, Flames of War but I seriously think that is one big complicated game to teach kids. I am pretty sure the volunteers were having a hard time explaining the gazillion rules to the kids. But they still had fun rolling dice and destroying platoons and tanks though.

I had fun at THINKCON, and I am itching to have another go at Pandemic. Anyone?

7 thoughts on “When Kids THINK!

  1. All these board games look so canggih to me! Hmmm, maybe I should consider trying my hands on one -_-”

    And me likey the last pixie of the boy with the hat!

  2. @meendee lol he was rather shy about me photographing him though. Had to do a lil snipe and shoot :) And you should give the board games a try! One free session with your friends on me! :)

    @IyouweBlog.com They are from Sri Cempaka, of course they are lucky :P

    @Carolyn Thanks :)

    @The Photodiarist I am trying to learn from you! :)

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