With my recent return to the digital era, I have also decided to revise my wedding/portrait photography service at Through Our Eyes. But rather than buying gears, and just shooting, I decided that this time around, I have to be more serious.

Therefore, for the first time in my entire photography journey, I am actually paying and attending a workshop for photographers.

Red Ninja

I will be attending the Got Mojo? workshop organised by Red Ninja. It will be a 2-day workshop in Port Dickson on 24-25 April and I will be meeting some really great people. Wiki Lee will be the main speaker and you can find his work by googling Wiki Lee or Foto Expression. Not only that, the co-speakers/ trainers include Jenny Sun, Jon Low, Alex Lam, Grace Tan and Mark Leo – all established and highly talented photographers.

This is probably going to be real fun.


What prompted me to take things rather seriously this time? I don’t know, maybe it is the heavy investment on the D700 or maybe I am encouraged by some good comments on my work here. I know the baboons and tigers are different compared to a wedding or portrait shoot, but I think I can make it lah. Just need more practice and guidance :P

Bid me good luck in my latest venture! Will probably buy more DVDs and also books to improve myself.

ps: I have also subscribed to Wedshooter.tv and it was money well spent. Learning so much from the videos there :)

10 thoughts on “Got Mojo? Time to Get Serious!

  1. Oh man, how exciting! I have always wanted to attend a workshop. :) Please let us know how it goes! And what all you have learned. Too cool.

    You’re inspiring me to get out there and do more! AND LEARN MORE. I’m amped!

  2. @Stanley Yep, her work is really great. Now I can meet her in person to pick her brains! :D

  3. oooh! i was curious about got mojo but will be out of town then. have a blast, N! and hope to catch up with you soon! =)

  4. @steph aww you won’t be there? Catch with you soon :) from ur website, sounds like you moved to Singapore :)

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