Waiting to Leap

During my recent trip to Kuching with Sharon to finalise the legal stuff needed for our wedding, I forced her to cart me to Jong Crocodile Farm during the weekend. It was roughly 30km away from Kuching town and by Kuching standards, that is far. Although to me, it was normal, since that is the distance from my home to office :P

The Jong Crocodile Farm doubles up as Kuching’s mini zoo and the highlight of the farm is the show they put on when feeding the crocodiles. If you want to see jumping crocs, this is the place to go.

Not Quite There

While it can be quite enjoyable to watch the crocodiles jumping up to reach a piece of chicken, one can’t help but pity them. Then again, they might need to work in similar style in the wild. I have never seen a crocodile jump for food though.

While you would think that the crocodiles may have bad sense of judgement because they miss the chicken quite often, but Sharon pointed out to me that the keepers actually pull the rope up right before they snap their jaw shut on the chicken. Therefore, the keepers cheated. The crocs probably would have got it right the first time :P


Nevertheless, seeing the crocs leap out of the water and eventually chomping down on a chicken is quite an impressive sight. And when they miss, you can hear their jaw clap shut with a loud noise. Pretty good stuff actually. I was glad that Sharon persevered when we were stuck in some unusual jam leading to the crocodile farm.

It was a worthwhile experience :) Enjoy the weekend everyone!

13 thoughts on “Snap Snap at Jong Crocodile Farm

  1. haha because of the jam you said dont need to go :P now buy me diamonds!

    btw poor crocs got to eat seh koh chicken!

  2. lol. sharon’s “now buy me diamonds!” had me grinning. =) she’s cool!

    hope wedding planning and organizing is going great! =)

  3. @jfook thanks :)

    @kenwooi lol those are pretty muscular beasts

    @babe hehe but i already bot u two diamonds :P

    @M-Knight Thank you :D

    @steph now now, don’t encourage her further :P it is going fine, but we are a bit relaxed. Wonder why :P

  4. @babe haha ok buy more! :D

    @Photoblogger Yep, that thing can indeed jump. So don’t climb a tree if you are chased by a croc :P

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