Tiger @ Zoo Negara

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I am big fan of animals. So much so that zoos everywhere around the world is kinda my must-go attractions. Of course, it is my dream to finally go Africa and see the animals roam wild, but right now, zoos are to me – the most important sanctuary in the world.

When I read the call to participate in an awareness campaign to save our tigers, I decided to pitch in a little. After all, how hard is it to do something I’ve always done? Which is to write.

Tiger Swimming @ Zoo Negara

Tigers are really awesome cats. They look beautiful, and when they break into a run, you can’t help but admire at their agility and strength. Of course, if they are running after you, you won’t have time admire it. :P

My experiences with tigers have always been at zoos or watching documentaries on TV. It is the only way I can get to know these beasts properly. But that shouldn’t be the case. We should have them in the wild, we should let them roam free and most importantly, we should not let them go extinct.

I would at least hope to be given the chance to watch these animals in their natural habitat in the future. And that hope is dwindling fast.

White Tiger Portrait @ Singapore Zoo

These images might be a rehash of my earlier posts (haven’t had time to photograph new ones) but I hope that after reading this, you carry the message that we have to do something. Stop believing that eating some parts of the tiger is healthy for you. Stop believing that they are human-killing machines that threaten our lives. Most importantly, spread the message that we have to stop killing them.

There is a campaign this year to double the number of tigers called the TX2. To pledge your support, you can visit the website here.

For all my blog post this week, you will see the banner supporting this campaign under the Tiger Blogfest campaign. Have a good start to the week people, and remember, SAVE OUR TIGERS!

Tiger Blogfest

The tiger is our national animal. Our heritage. But today only less than 500 of them remain in the wild. As Malaysians, we need to stand up and protect our heritage. Speak to your children. Speak to your leaders. Everyone of us can make a difference. For further information, please visit MYCAT (www.malayantiger.net), WWF Malaysia (www.wwf.org.my) and Department of Wildlife & National Parks (www.wildlife.gov.my)

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