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My weekend was a busy one but it was an extremely fun weekend. It was the first time I paid to attend a workshop on photography and it was an awesome workshop by RedNinja.tv! The workshop was called “got Mojo?” and it was presented by lead speaker Wiki Lee and Ilona, from Australia and supported by a stellar cast of mentors – Grace Tan, Mark Leo, Jon Low, Jenny Sun and Alex The Backpackr.

We got tips on posing, managing our business, marketing, engaging with clients, advancing the story and most importantly – how to find our style.

Ser Young & Rachel

Let me try to share with you what I got from the workshop. Because I like to share :P Since the workshop is all about finding our mojo, of course we have to define what style is. Style is customer approach, post processing and finally our photography style.

None of us approach customers the same way, and we have to develop our preference. But most importantly, however we approach them, the most important is to connect with them. Post processing is well, how you edit your photos. We didn’t go into that aspect.

Photography style is either ninja or samurai. Ninja is more photojournalistic where you are stealthy and capture the moments as it happens while Samurai means you control everything and you create the moments. I am definitely more ninja, but I need to learn some ways of the samurai as well.

Finally, your style is developed when you can deliver a unique presentation of your work consistently. And the most important thing is to get clients that can relate to your style.

Ser Young & Rachel

Then we also learn from Wiki what makes a good photo and what we should always have in our mind when shooting. There are four attributes which is depth of field, frame/ composition, spectacular light and pose. If we have two out of the four fulfilled, then we have a good photo. Of course, we should aim to have all four so that we have a great photo. :)

Ser Young & Rachel

On Day 2 of the camp, we talked about the business aspect – the moolah! The most important quote I got from Wiki is that money is about the next job. Therefore it is important to establish that connection with clients and shooting awesome pictures that will get you referrals after referrals.

And no matter how popular, famous or busy we can get, we must always treat each and every customers as the only customer we have. That way, we will always put in 2500% (Wiki’s favourite number :P) effort!

Overall, it was a really great camp, a bargain at the price I paid, a fantastic experience and it has set a very high bar for future workshops that I will consider attending. Part 2 to come tomorrow!

ps: Shots taken above during practical session of the workshop. Thank you Ser Young and Rachel for being so sporting! :)

And now for the credits!

Shots taken at got Mojo? Camp organised by RedNinja.tv at Corus Paradise Resort, Port Dickson
Models: Sonia & Reyhan
Models: Rachel & Ser Young
Make Up & Hair: Shinny Ong
Gowns by: Pretty In White

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