Ser Young & Rachel

We were taught so much during the 2-day workshop at Port Dickson that I have enough content for two posting! Before Wiki started his session, we were given a few tips on posing by Jon Low. He gave tips for the eyes and said that it should follow the nose for a more natural look. We should experiment with the eyes looking up, down, left and right and find the perfect expression.

For arms, it is important to have separation and we should also look out for cuts and horizontal lines. Try not to cut the picture at joints, ears or necks. And if you are posing couples, the most important thing is to have connection and to let them be themselves. It is all about making the pose believable.

Ser Young & Rachel

After dinner, Grace Tan and Jenny Sun shared with us their experience. Grace talked about capturing a story in every shoot and how important it is to learn the story from the client. Jenny said that these days, people are choosing photographers, not photographs.

Both of them talked about how they engage with clients, and the passion behind the lens. I definitely took home the message that even if I shot a great photo technically, it means nothing if I do not capture the essence of the couple in front of the lens.

Ser Young & Rachel

And last but not least, booking clients is not about how good your photos are. It is about making that connection with the client and building the trust they have in you. Wiki‘s first meeting with the client is usually a free e-session. That way, they can see how he works, and he can connect with them immediately. That is certainly something worth experimenting :)

There are definitely more lessons during the course of the 2-day workshop, but you got to pay for the next one to find out :P Overall, it was money well spent and I definitely have to thank Sharon for giving me the green light to go ahead with this.

As usual, credit time!

Shots taken at got Mojo? Camp organised by RedNinja.tv at Corus Paradise Resort, Port Dickson
Models: Sonia & Reyhan
Models: Rachel & Ser Young
Make Up & Hair: Shinny Ong
Gowns by: Pretty In White

15 thoughts on “My Initiation Into Ninja-hood (Part 2)

  1. @soolee thanks! wished I use the flash, I would have retained more details. This was adjusted using levels, then vignette until the background around them became darker.

  2. sounds inspiring indeed… and lovely first two shots… did the workshop cover mainly on wedding photography? or also photojournalism etc?

  3. @lechua it was very inspiring :) Mainly on wedding photography particularly the soft skills needed

  4. @steph Thanks! It was indeed a worthwhile investment :) Would you be going for the Louis Pang seminar in July? :)

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