Audrey @ Room Eighteen

My niece is back here for two weeks so it is that time again where I gather shots of her. Not the easiest person to photograph as you need to constantly keep her attention and she prefers to run everywhere else rather than sitting in one spot.

Even during dinner, she can be quite a handful. Here was a rare shot of her looking directly at me, looking rather like a “vampire” :P

Audrey @ Room Eighteen

Of course, being dinner time, she was seated so it was easier for me to get shots of her. Working with the 85mm, it was just about the right focal length on my D300 to get close shots of her. Of course, with the low-light environment at Room Eighteen at Tropicana City Mall, being able to shoot at f2.2 helped as well.

Stopped down, the 85mm f1.8 is one sharp lens. Here is a shot of Audrey after being fed a spoonful of err some goo. She likes it, although her expression seems to say otherwise.

Audrey @ Room Eighteen

She is also at a phase where she will put everything into her mouth. Keys, phones, toys, and even her new pink shades. Not sure if you noticed but there is a sort of consistent colour scheme across these shots. You will most likely see this style very often as I like it very much.

You can say I found my style :P More shots of her tomorrow! Although they could be considerably less colourful.

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