Audrey @ Room Eighteen

As promised yesterday, here is the continuation of more portrait shots of my niece, Audrey. This is not a planned shoot as I was just bored waiting for food and she was there. So, might as well shoot some photos of her while she is around.

She is one smiley child :)

Audrey @ Room Eighteen

When she eats, she like to sort of pout first before returning to her normal expression. No idea why but I think she is trying to sort of chew the food with her teeth at the front of her mouth. Will probably display a different expression once she has her full set of teeth. Hope she doesn’t bite me then :P

Audrey @ Room Eighteen

My dad loves her to bits and he is very much the “spoil grandchild kinda grandfather”. She is very naughty, and can hardly sit still. Maybe she is bored, but she will make quite a fuss when she is. That is when grandfather will stop eating and attend to her. Guess that tactic works well for her.

Audrey @ Room Eighteen

My sister, her mother, on the other hand loves to dress her up. And her latest accessory is this pink shades. She goes “woah” when she puts them on. Probably surprised the world turned all pink in a split second. I have a feeling she will be a pink girl soon enough.

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  1. I think alot of kids nowadays hardly can sit still. Probably from all the canggih nutrients they’re getting nowadays from the milk >_<

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