Audrey & iPhone

There are a lot of positive things about the iPhone, and it is pretty much a very brilliant phone. I am not a big fan of it but I can see the appeal (and I have the “iPhone Lite”). The biggest appeal the iPhone, particularly for parents, is the ability to keep your child quiet and to sit still during dinner.

And that is how Audrey is kept occupied when we need to eat. Turn on some cartoons, and the iPhone is her best friend.

Audrey & iPhone

Look at that concentration, that focus. Seriously, not a lot of other phones can do this. And that is probably one of the biggest appeal for parents.

12 thoughts on “iPhone For Babies

  1. yes i agree… young parents are a target market for the iphone! it really occupies my niece and nephew too (both VERY ACTIVE during meals) with all the games and apps and they learn to type sms at a really young age!!

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