Bobby & Rennie

Some of you may know that I have a wedding/ portrait photography service called “Through Our Eyes” and I was giving away some couple portrait sessions to sorta like practice and increase the portfolio. I must admit that I am not a natural in portrait sessions and that is why I am trying to learn.

Bobby and Rennie is the first couple to take up my offer and they were super sporting! Great to work with them. Hopefully, they will get 3-4 shots that are satisfactory after the shoot.

So I am looking back at the photos, got feedback from friends and I realise that there a couple of things that I should have done better:

1. Big flare on top is distracting – truth be told, I thought it was quite nice at first :P
2. Placed Bobby and Rennie smacked in the centre
3. HP advertising board and motorcycle was distracting as well
4. Looking at me seems less natural than looking at each other
5. Her arms were a bit weird, should have told her to hold his hips or even his shoulders

Bobby & Rennie

I conceptualised this shot in my head before I started the shoot. I liked the lines, the boxy design and I wanted to take advantage of that. But of course, it could have been done better:

1. Too much clutter in the background
2. Subject is drowned out by the environment
3. Security guard on the right!

And therein concludes my self critique session! If you have any to add, feel free to do so. Don’t worry, I won’t crawl into a hole and cry. Have a good weekend everyone!

10 thoughts on “Bobby & Rennie: Self Critique Time!

  1. I love this idea! I outta look back on some of my work and critique it as well — see what I should have changed and what not. And what I could possibly do next time to make the shot look better.

    I really like the first photo, a lot. I do agree that it may have been better if they were looking at each other though. But I actually like the flare in the photo… :) And I kind of like the HP billboard, but maybe that’s because we don’t have things like that here… lol

  2. @Latrina It helps that my friends are critical of my work as well, so I gather a lot of feedback from them.

    Lol and thanks for liking the first picture. It was at the end, the better of the two shots I have. The other one had the guy’s face hidden. So oh well, I am sure I’ll get to try it again in the future :)

  3. I like the first one. I agree about her arms but not about anything else. I like the flare. It draws your attention to the couple. I didn’t notice the sign and I still don’t see the motorcycle.

  4. @The Photodiarist Thank you :) I guess everyone views a photo differently. Let’s hope the couple likes it :) The motorcycle is sort of blended into the bus :P

  5. i think i’m weird but i kinda like running around a picture :) although your couple is smacked in the center and there’s alot of going on around it, there’s still this farnie thing in my mind that tells me “the couple’s the main focus”. I’d see the couple first, then scan around the pixie for the surrounding, and somehow … my eyes end up back at the couple at the end of the “scanning” :)

    Photography is a very subjective thing. And while rule of thumbs are there, you need not follow entirely. Sometimes, breaking them can yield you even greater results! Ok~lah, I know I’m all talk and no action haha!

    But I like the pixies and how you processed them :)

  6. @meendee thanks, and yeah photography is a very subjective thing. But I guess it helps to listen to everybody’s view and see how I can further improve myself. Thanks for the kind comments :)

  7. Come on, the flare looks awesome! Haha the now the pose looks awkward now that you’ve mentioned it, didn’t notice it at first. Post the pictures bigger! Cannot really see lah or perhaps my screen is just that small. Btw, do you use Totally Rad Actions?

  8. Cool!! HAhaha I knew it. TRA is the best. I would get some kubota as well but its way out of my budget. As for now I’ll just stick to my set of TRA.

  9. @Stanley haha could see the TRA signature style eh :P I use very few of Kubota these days, mainly their B&W, their starburst vignette and sunglow :D

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