Darren & Ying Ying

It has been a hectic few weeks for me, and finding time to update the blog has been difficult, not to mention editing the photos that I can put on the blog. I missed out on the Singapore Blog Awards for Best Photography Blog category but after looking at the final 10, rightly so. There are some really fantastic ones there.

Maybe I should join others, maybe I will get lucky like I did for Nuffnang.

Darren & Ying Ying

Anyway, I have been having a shoot for almost every week to increase my portfolio particularly for portraits. I was given the chance to shoot Darren and Ying Ying, a very fun, outgoing and sporting couple and we decided to have it at Heritage Hotel.

That place is fantastic for a shoot, although many photographers might be bored with it by now. Since it was my first time there, it was fun.

Darren & Ying Ying

It was also the first time I was shooting a portrait session alone, and while I like shooting with friends, shooting alone wasn’t too bad. At least it forced me to lead the session rather than relying on people to do so.

That reminds me, I need to send five shots to Heritage Hotel by 1st June. Better start editing more.

Ivan & Dayna

I was also busy with a wedding the week after the Heritage Hotel shoot. And it was a very fun wedding, especially during the dinner reception where there were lots of dancing and singing. There were lots of talented people there!

Ivan & Dayna

So, while the shoots may not be a lot, the editing is a killer! Lots to edit, lots to delete and now I got another couple portrait session sitting in my memory card. And a wedding next week with another couple portrait session. This is going to be one helluva ride!

I shall see you again next week, hopefully! Off to Singapore for a bit of recharge.

7 thoughts on “It Has Been Hectic!

  1. nice photos! i like 2 and 3 :D
    and ive seen a few shots from other peoples prewedding in front of that picture thingy in photo 3 before lol :P

  2. @steph hopefully you will get to see more soon :P

    @babe hehe ya ya need edit your photos in Sg :)

  3. wow~ awesome shots! haven’t dropped by very frequently recently (bad me!), but am so glad and proud to see such feats you’ve achieved. i wanna shoot and edit like nick does! But in order to do that, I need to find time between baby feeds first haha~

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