Darren & Amanda

Last night, I sat down to edit the photos from the Heritage Station Hotel shoot as I needed to submit 5 shots to the management as per the agreement. The photos featured in post are the ones I submitted along with two other shots from the previous post.

And the title reflects not my last act of photography, but most likely the last time I’ll ever shoot at the Heritage Station Hotel because it is now closed! :(

Darren & Amanda

I really enjoyed my shoot at the hotel and it was my first time shooting a serious assignment alone. I shoot at zoos alone a lot but this was entirely different. I had to compose, communicate and direct all by myself and I have to say I enjoyed the experience tremendously.

Having said that, I would still prefer company for my next shoot but I’ll probably attempt another solo session soon enough.

Darren & Amanda

It is sad to read in the papers that the hotel is going to be closed because I doubt we will find another venue that will give us the same nostalgic ambiance and the classic look that we go there for. I hope KTMB preserves that portion of the building and continue to allow access for photographers for a token fee like they do now.

Darren & Amanda

My heart goes out to the staff that were evicted yesterday and I hope that there is a happy ending for them all at the end of this saga. Here is to Heritage Station Hotel and may it stay on for many more photographic journeys in the future.

That was also my initial location for my own pre-wedding but looks like a change of plan is needed now. Universiti Pertanian Malaysia maybe?

6 thoughts on “Could This Be My Last Shoot?

  1. I love the 1st and last photo. On the last photo, the guy bends over really cute to kiss her. You have a wonderful blog

  2. @sheryiin Thanks, yeah it is very sad that they are closing down. I hope something can be done to revive that hotel

    @ohmywtf yeah it is. hopefully someone will change their mind. Never been there at night so don’t know if it looks kinda haunted haha

    @Biana Thank you :) They are indeed quite the lovey dovey couple. Makes it all that easier to photograph them

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