Meng Han & Woon Yen

I shot them. Well, not the kind using guns but using a camera. And no one died in the process. It was the first time I shot at Universiti Malaya and it was quite fun. It rained but we did what we could, and we got some nice diffuse lighting for the shots since it was cloudy.

Meng Han & Woon Yen

This wasn’t a solo session as I had Kar Heng and Kian Kheong in the session as well. I noticed that when there are other shooters, I tend to direct less and go with the flow. Of course I need to change that aspect especially if I am considered to be the lead.

Meng Han & Woon Yen

Anyway, I had the chance to try funky shots like the panning shot above and while it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I thought it was quite nice. Then again, I have a quirky taste, so couples should probably becareful when they hire me :P

Looks like I might miss a blog post tomorrow, because tonight I feel like playing games rather than edit photos. Then again, this weekend will see me having two shoots – a wedding on Saturday and another couple session on Sunday – so I might have to clear these photos before the queue reaches a mile long.

Time to take a break. :)

8 thoughts on “What I Did With A Couple At Universiti Malaya?

  1. @Photoblogger yeah and quite fun shoot too :)

    @jfook lol they seem happy to let me stalk them :P

    @The Photodiarist Nah, haven’t gone pro yet, a long way more to go :)

    @Glo-w lol good for you :)

  2. actually a photoshoot at university grounds is a pretty good setting – sure it’ll bring back good memories for the couple later on when they look back.

  3. nice shots! The panning shot, they’re running away to ponteng class is it? Hehe.
    Btw did u need to get permission to shoot there?

  4. @lechua that was why the couple chose UM, they met there :)

    @meendee thanks :) hahaha running away from authorities :P UM is very strict about display of public affection haha yep, couple got the permission since they were ex-students :)

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