Brown Capuchin

It has been a while and I have been shooting a lot of portraits and weddings (well, one wedding) but I haven’t had the time to visit zoos. Finally, I went to Singapore over the long weekend and got the family shots done, and I was given time to roam around the zoo to get my long awaited shots.

This is also the first time that I took so many shots of monkeys. I seldom do but I spent quite a bit of time at the Primate Kingdom. The above is a shot of the Brown Capuchin. They are active, have funny expressions and quite cute. I had some fun shooting at their enclosure.

Black and White Colobus Monkey

Next we have the skunk lookalike except that this is a monkey. The Black and White Colobus really looks like a skunk but since they are so far away, I couldn’t tell if they smell like one. Then again, I haven’t been sprayed by a skunk so I have no idea how they smell.

Douc Langur

At the Primate Kingdom, we also have the Douc Langur and they have really long tails and funky colour combination. I found them quite interesting but they were most of the time hanging out under the shady hut so it was difficult to get a proper shot of them.

Banded Mongoose

Next to the Primate Kingdom, you will find one of the main attractions of the Singapore Zoo, the Hamadryas Baboon area. But the baboons are not the only one in this area. You can also find the banded mongoose here. And they are usually grouped together. Rather cute fellas and when you make some noise, they all start staring at you.

Hamadryas Baboon

Finally, a zoo trip in Singapore is never complete without me getting a shot of the baboons. Their enclosure is so well-designed and they always give some sort of picture opportunity. I just need to pay attention to what goes on around the place, and move around to get a better view.

More shots to come soon but I think I need to get back to editing the portrait shots. Animals are going to take a backseat. Until the next post, happy shooting!

17 thoughts on “The Return To Singapore Zoo

  1. Nick!!! Fabulous shots as always. So nice to see that you still enjoy shooting animals. :) Portraits and weddings are stylo-mylo or romantic and all that, but after a while it still gets a bit tedious, because so many people do it. But you’re the only photographer I know who shoots animals, and that’s different. And you spend the time to capture just the right moments, which takes a lot more effort coz you can’t tell animals to pose! Hmm, I think I’ll use one of your animal pics for the desktop background on my new laptop. Muahahaha….

  2. what unusual colour tones on the monkeys (or maybe coz i dun visit the zoo too often)… especially the skunk coloured monkey in the 2nd photo and the 3rd photo.

  3. @ohmywtf haha quite a lookalike :)

    @JhTham the KL Zoo is not that great, but it is alright. Can still get some nice shots :)

    @Glo-w Thanks, the gears are adequate, anyone can get these shots if they are patient :)

    @Shi-Lynn thanks :) haha but the wedding and portraits pay the bills :P zoos haven’t hired me to shoot for them yet :( but yes, I’ll always enjoy photographing animals..

    @lechua i didn’t know monkeys could be so different as well :) Glad I spent more time at the Primate Kingdom this time around

  4. so awesome! :) ive to say you are a good photographer lol. as long as you make time for me its all good

  5. @Peter thanks :) quite a bit to get the colour tone I wanted. But it is all saved as an action in Photoshop because I use it very often so technically not much, just click of a button :)

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