White Tiger

I try not to neglect the cats of the Singapore Zoo when I am there. After all, where else would I get shots of the white tiger? I can’t possibly go Zoo Negara and bleach them white, so I pay a lil attention to them whenever I am there. I have to say though, they are becoming quite predictable. The only thing left for me to shoot is the feeding session which I am never in time for.

White Tiger

The other shot is of course of the tiger in the water with a nice reflection, and facing me. I have yet to accomplish that feat. Maybe I need to apply for special permission to shoot within the enclosure. Singapore Zoo, please?


I did make it for the feeding session with the lions though but the keeper told me that they had a heavy meal the night before so the token feeding session might not be too exciting. You always trust the keeper because that was exactly what happened. The lions were not interested in the food but I got this shot.

Thought she looked rather hungry, no?

Next up, the friendly critters of Singapore Zoo.

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