They are kinda furry, and they are kinda friendly. I never stepped into their enclosure so I don’t know if they would have welcomed me with open arms. But they are always looking at us curiously and never once tried to threaten us with their little fangs.

Today, I present to you the furry and friendly lil critters of Singapore Zoo. The first up is the otter. Again, I always try to photograph them when I am at the zoo. They are just that cute.


Then we have the meerkat. These guys are the best in standing to attention. Straight up and always alert. They eat meat though, so maybe they will chew on me if I went in and stood beside them. But they also have an open enclosure and they could easily leap and gnaw my nose off. They haven’t though, last I checked, my nose was still intact.

Therefore, I declare them to be friendly! and kinda furry!

Ring Tail Lemur

Say hello to King Julian. This the famous lemur in Madagascar and they are not that crazy as King Julian. Quite tame in fact, and you can even pat them and they would not flinch. But they will act all crazy when people start using flash on their cameras to photograph them though. And I mean jumping everywhere crazy.

One went so crazy that it decided to jump straight at Sharon, knocked her feet and then jumped into the trees. So, to all Singapore Zoo visitors, cut the flash! You are scaring the animals!

More to come soon, although I might take a break from animal photos tomorrow. :)

9 thoughts on “Furry and Friendly (Sort Of)

  1. they didn’t bite you because you didn’t give them the chance to :P .. next visit, try it :) oh, please call me as well so I can “document” it haha!

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