Proboscis Monkey

One of the more interesting primate that you can see in the Singapore Zoo is the Proboscis Monkey. Being an endangered species, this monkey will definitely spark the interest of any passerby because of its extremely funny looking nose. Of course, one can also try to spot this at the Bako National Park in Sarawak, but that could be very difficult because they are really shy, and you kinda need to keep really quiet while trekking to even catch a glimpse.

Proboscis Monkey

The Singapore Zoo allows us to view these funny looking primates up, close and personal but through a glass panel of course. And they even have two of these displays! One near the entrance and the other somewhere further in, beside the tram station.

I have visited them often enough and never had I seen the monkey get angry. This time, during a feeding session, one got angry. Or threatened I guess. Started jumping around and screamed at the people at him feed. Probably asking for a little privacy. I was busy eating KFC then but luckily got a few shots of it as it happened.

Proboscis Monkey

The younger monkeys meanwhile looked almost like any other monkey. You can see a slightly different nose from other monkeys but it isn’t so obvious yet. So, the next time you visit the Singapore Zoo, make sure you head there and say hello.

7 thoughts on “The Proboscis Series

  1. i was in bako in 2004 and stayed there for a night in one of their cabins! saw a lot of regular monkeys and wild pigs though, but no probocis monkeys.

    the beach there is seriously awesome :)

  2. Bako National Park’s proboscis very seasonal! They can come out a lot at onces during certain period of the year and then you won’t see a single one in the next few months. Weird!

    oh btw, my website is up. Hope you can give your opinions on it. Thanks!

  3. @k0k Thanks, I been there once and couldn’t spot any. Went to the beach as well, that was quite nice.

    @orenzai seasonal animals eh/ Maybe that was the mating season :)

    @nina thanks

  4. now that’s not a a common monkey shot. the nose is really quite something – really makes this particular species unique from the rest eh…

  5. sorry Sophia, the only place where you can do an elephant ride is at Lancang, at the Elephant Conservation. All other parks are pretectod. If you want to see Elephants in the wild, I suggest Tabin or Kinabatangan over in the East Coast of Sabah Borneo.

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