Mohawk Parrot

I went to Genting on Saturday with a bunch of photographers (a really talented bunch!) and they had this idea to shoot profile shots of each other. Obviously I missed the brief, because I had so few of their shots! Either that or I got distracted by the Parrot Lane sign and shot more parrots than humans.

The first, a Mohawk Parrot!

Colourful Bird

They were really colourful and that is my favourite kinda birds. After all, small, cute and colourful. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

Sleepy Bird

As you can see, I really had fun photographing them and if you know me, you would know that any sort of animals I see, it will distract my attention. In fact, I almost lost the group as they walked so far ahead while I was busy shooting the birds!

Preening Bird

There you have it, even amidst the hustle and bustle of a theme park, I managed to nail myself some animal shots. Wonder where else I should try next? Maybe I should walk around the KL streets looking for animals :)

5 thoughts on “I Found Birds At Genting Theme Park!

  1. Haha, had I not follow your blog .. I would probably think you’ll end up shooting humans when you go to the zoo!!! Me think since nick likes animals so much, nick should go work for natgeo :)

  2. @meendee lol maybe I should try that next time :P And don’t know how to apply for Nat Geo, they probably say animals photographed in enclosures do not count :P

    @The Photoblogger wow you know the exact name! A big fan of birds you are..

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