Genting @ 10am

While yesterday’s post was all birds, I still remembered that there were other stuff to shoot in Genting. So here are the random shots around Genting. We reached there at 10am, not the golden hour but from where we parked our car, it was quite an awesome view.

Not to mention, the weather was really fantastic that time.

Genting Ride

Upon entering the theme park, you will see this ride where people are spinning round and round. It is quite a fun ride but I always love photographing this ride. Something about people flying in mid-air and a combination of the colourful wheel thingy with blue sky always attracted me.

I’ve been on the ride myself and it is quite fun :)

Genting Cyclone

With such good weather, we had a great sun up there in the sky. Too bad my angle had clouds. Should have moved around so that the sun was more visible and the star effect more prominent. But I kinda like the shot, with the historical Cyclone in the frame.

Cyclone was the first roller coaster in Genting and it is still as popular even though people talk about the corkscrew more often.

Genting Space Shot

Again, great weather, and people dangling in mid-air makes for a good photo opportunity. Say hello to the people on what is arguably the best ride in Genting – the Space Shot. The view is amazing up there, and the feeling of going all the way up and down? Excellent!

If you are up in Genting, remember to get on this ride. It is worth the long queue. Or go early and skip all the queue! There you have it, my randomness at Genting.

I hope I have content for tomorrow :P

12 thoughts on “Random Shots @ Genting

  1. uh-uh, ain’t gonna ride that!! love the first shot, but would prefer if the top bit without the clouds were cropped off :) fantastic view

  2. @meendee but you should! It is fun! and yeah noticed that bit when I posted this up. Bummer!

  3. this doesn’t look like the genting i know! wow the first picture is great… where was it taken from? looks like view from a plane over mountains not in malaysia… the shot of the cyclone and the sun amongst the clouds is cool too…. i remember the cyclone… went on it when i was a kiddd… still there eh..

  4. @lechua This has always been the Genting :P It was taken behind the theme park, at the carpark. Of course, zoom lens to remove all the other stuff. And yep the Cyclone is still there and going strong.

    @Vincent Thanks, haha but no, never went into the casino. What if I lose the cash for my next lens purchase?!

  5. @Hannah thanks :) So far so good, nothing like bursting budgets to keep myself happy :P

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