Side Dishes @ Go-Gung

First of all, I am not a big fan of Korean cuisine but I find myself eating it more often these days. After all, I can’t really argue with meat on grills. Secondly, I am not a food photographer, I just happened to shoot photos of stuff I eat. So, pardon the lack of composition :P

Anyway, Ko Hyang was a restaurant that Sharon and I just decided to try. Pretty random, and we ran out of ideas of places to eat before our usual movie. This place is not cheap though, I think it cost a RM300 dent in our pockets just for the two of us.

One good thing I like about Korean restaurants is the unlimited refill for the side dishes. I don’t particularly fancy kimchi so I eat the rest while Sharon will take over the kimchi. Since it is refillable, I pretty much eat alot of it and I suggest that you do too.

Kimchi Soup @ Go-Gung

One thing about kimchi that I don’t mind though is the kimchi soup. And the ones they have here is pretty good. While not too spicy (which I prefer), it is not too sour as well. And definitely one that is suited more to my taste than other kimchi soups that I have tasted.

Meat @ Go-Gung

But the real reason why I like Korean cuisine is the meat. I don’t care about anything else but the meat. And when you have someone grill/ cook it in front of you, all the better. You get to eat it hot and on the spot. And that stuff is delicious!

Meat @ Go-Gung

Of course, it is not cheap as evident from our bill but I pay for good meat and good service and Go-Gung did well on both accounts. Are there better and cheaper Korean restaurants out there? Probably, the SS2 Korean restaurant springs to mind but if you are around here, and you are looking to splurge, why not?

Lot T-212. 3rd Floor
The Gardens Mall

7 thoughts on “Korean Feast @ Go-Gung, Gardens

  1. I’ve only tried real Korean cuisine, and it was in, well, Korea. hehehe

    I like how the meat is cooked in front, yep, and also the veggies, I like my meat with greens

  2. @The Photoblogger nice! I hv yet to go Korea :D

    @Robin It is a bit on the pricey side. But I think you and your family possibly could eat as much as me and my missus :D I think RM300 should be safe, depending on which meat you order :)

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