Recently there was this campaign by a local satellite TV provider for Malaysians to tell their 1Malaysia stories. If you are not familiar with the 1Malaysia concept, it is basically a concept by our leaders to promote unity in the country. And a lot of brands/ companies are milking the concept dry by launching their own 1Anything campaigns.

This MyStory campaign is probably another one trying to get us to be a little patriotic. I thought since I had some free time, and I can’t shoot video, I thought I would write my story on the blog.

I remember a time when I wasn’t reminded of the race of the person I was playing with, hanging out with or chatting with. I remember a time when I read the newspapers and find that the leaders working for the people, not fighting for “rights”. I remember a time when I didn’t need a slogan or a brand to depict a united country.

This is my story. And that WAS my Malaysia. Now someone please give it back to me.

10 thoughts on “My “1Malaysia” Story

  1. I think there’s more that you can talk about Malaysia dude. I think the MyStory that’s going to be airred in Astro will feature a Video. Are you working on that too? I’m trying, but haven’t got the right tools to do the video-ing.

  2. do support dis campaign guys,,,,,we all 1 Malaysia,,,,,,ehheheh,,,,,,eat roti canai,eat loh mee sua,,,eat nasi lemak,,,,nice,,,,,fall n luv wif other races,,,,dats our Malaysian,,,proud t b Malaysian,,,

  3. @hsuyeung lol maybe just maybe :P

    @Thristhan and @ezdevon It is not about the Astro campaign. I am not joining that. If you read the post carefully, it is about a time when my country didn’t need fancy slogans or campaign to promote unity among us.

  4. Give it a chance. Malaysia is experiencing serious brain drain issues. Dont migrate :( We’ll lose another great photographer. :D

  5. @orenzai lol who is losing a great photographer? :) I’ve always given my home a chance. Hopefully they do something good with it soon :)

  6. My 1Malaysia story ended the day they offered me a place in a local college to learn how to be a fisherman. Guy with less than half my grades got an engineering degree course in a local university.

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