Churros @ Molten Lava

I am a big fan of “yue tiao” or however you spell that. When I heard there was a Spanish version of it (although someone will probably tell me it is different), I thought it was good to give it a try. After all, Sharon and I had time to kill before our movie and we didn’t get desserts during our dinner.

Fried stuff with chocolate dip sounds like a good plan. Off we went in search of Molten Lava at 1Utama and we finally found it opposite Sharon’s fav shop, Daiso.

Churros @ Molten Lava

We were the only customers there, so I could take time to shoot the frying shot (in the first pic) and it finally landed on our table. It took a bit of time though but it was fresh and piping hot! Just the way it is meant to be. Wonder if there are lots of customers, will it still be the same…

As you can see, it really resembles the “yue tiao” except it is thinner, and it has white stuff sprinkled on it. Of course, the Chinese version doesn’t come with a chocolate dip as well.

Churros @ Molten Lava

It was good though! Dipped into the chocolate, which wasn’t too sweet, it was a satisfying dessert for me. And this is pretty much where I fail in food blogging because I never remember the pricing. I don’t think it was too expensive though, and I am sure below RM10 was probably the price.

If you are interested to give it a go, you can visit them at the address below. Have a good weekend people!

Molten Lava
Lot LG312B
Lower Ground Floor Oval
1 Utama Shopping Centre New Wing
Bandar Utama
Petaling Jaya

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  1. The chinese “oil fried ghost” (yao-char-kuai) is fantastico if dipped into a cup of hot kopi!!!!!! I need to try the chinese “oil fried ghost” with chocolate dip >_<

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