Mushroom Soup @ Fullhouse

Sharon and I went to Fullhouse a while back. And I really meant a while back. Back when I had the D700, before I sold it all off for D300 and more lights, and before I got a D700 again and now I have two bodies. So it was quite a while back. Trawled through my collection and I realised that I have not spoken about this place yet.

So here we go. Fullhouse is a concept cafe located in Sunway Pyramid and it is quite a nice place to eat. It has very classic looking tables and chairs, and a carpet of fake grass, in the middle of a mall. So, yes, it is quite unique.

We ordered one set to share, which was the Juliet set. The first dish was the mushroom soup. Pretty much your normal stuff except we get what seem like slices of nutty stuff on top of it. Not exactly mind blowing but good enough.

Salmon Salad @ Fullhouse

The next item on the set is the Smoked Salmon Salad which is Caesar Salad with pieces of salmon. Personally, I prefer bacon bits but salmon is alright as well sometimes. This time around, Sharon had a craving for salmon, so salmon it is. Again, not the best salad I had but it was good enough for me.

Seafood thingy @ Fullhouse

As you know, I kinda fail when I blog about food. I can’t remember the names, the price and when it has been months since I went there, I can’t even remember exactly what I ate. I just probably remember if it tasted good or bad. Our main was a seafood thingamajig with citrus sauce.

Seafood was rather fresh and once again, the dish was good enough. If anything came out of this trip to Fullhouse, it is that the ambiance is certainly better than the food.

I can still remember the deco, and some of the stuff we bought at their trinket shop. But the food was not great, it wasn’t bad, it was just alright. If you are interested in the experience, then give them a visit at:

Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe
Lot LG1.96
Sunway Pyramid
Tel: +603 5621 9960

5 thoughts on “Fullhouse @ Sunway Pyramid

  1. ooo, mushroom soup!! yummy slurp slurp~ … i also fail when it comes to food blogging haha~ so don’t despair, you’re not alone :D

  2. @meendee lol see, I can’t even get the set name right :P

    @babe oh tiffany ah? hahaha thought it was juliet :D

  3. wow… pretty shots. which is better canon, nikon, or sony. i am going to buy new camera. where is good place? someone say rapidu.com is best deals.

  4. @goodgirlbutcrazy Thanks :) They are all about the same, go and try it out at the shops to see which one you like the best and feel most comfortable with.

    I won’t recommend online stores for buying a camera. It is best to buy from a physical store so you can hold it and test it out.

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