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Back in 2008, I was asked to help out in a wedding. Tim (my current partner in Through Our Eyes Photography) asked me if I was interested to shoot a wedding. I said yes. Armed with a D40 and only a 105mm, I went about covering the make-up session, the tea ceremony and the dinner.

I had fun. And my journey began.

Through Our Eyes Photography

The beginning of the journey was interesting as I got exposed to my first Indian wedding, my first Baba & Nonya wedding and I met many people. But I still wasn’t serious. In fact, I decided to sell off all my digital equipment, went on film and the wedding photography aspect pretty much went down the drain.

It wasn’t long that I started missing the digital side of things and also the fun of wedding photography. There was something about capturing those special moments that was very rewarding.

Through Our Eyes Photography

And so I returned. And I made a vow that I would try to make it this time. I guess along the way some people told me that I took good photos, and that probably spurred me on anew. Hopefully, I don’t disappoint them.

Other than buying gears, I decided that education was another wise investment. So I went to my first ever workshop with RedNinja, and I will be going for my second workshop tomorrow, Inspire+. I also bought books and DVDs to pursue further knowledge and seek inspiration from others. And trust me, these are investments I would never regret.

Through Our Eyes Photography

Of course, wedding photography is about the people. And I decided that since I am already shooting people, why not do portraits as well? And so I added that into my list of things to do – portraits.

This wasn’t easy for me because if you know me as a person when I am shooting, I tend to be quiet, reserved and trying to nail that moment at a quiet little corner. By going into portraits, and shooting some of them solo, I then needed to make myself more personable (is this a word?). Making that move made me grow as a photographer.

Through Our Eyes Photography

And so, here I am today. Ready to take on even more challenges. I’ll be doing my first family portrait shoot this weekend, and I will be going on my first major overseas assignment next year, assisting the awesome Steph Tan.

I have revamped the blog (please visit!) and made efforts to market the service on Facebook (please please add/like us! :P).

Through Our Eyes Photography

As I said, this is quite the marketing plug but a story that I would like to share with my readers here. It has been a great journey so far and I can only see it getting better from here.

I would not have made it without the support of my family and of course, my lovely wife Sharon (well, technically wife-to-be). She has been the constant supporting voice, telling me that I take great pictures and telling me that I should pursue my dream. I love her, and I hope I make it because I would hate to disappoint her.

6 thoughts on “My Story – This is a Marketing Plug!

  1. I wish i had the courage, confidence and discipline to take such a step. You’ve already taken the first step, don’t turn back haha~ You’ve been doing great so far, may your future path be even greater!

  2. one step at a time, nick. i think you’re on a great track, and making wise investments. =) have fun at louis’ workshop tomorrow and looking forward to more awesome photos! =)

  3. I’m so glad you decided to get back in the game because the world would be missing out on some amazing photos! I think my favorite photo of yours is still the one with the view from above looking down on the street. So so SO cool! :-) Thanks for sharing your story… and your art!

  4. @meendee haha i can’t turn back! thanks for the support all these while! you are one of my few loyal readers :P

    @steph Thanks :) Can’t wait to be able to shoot alongside you. That will be another great learning experience :)

    @Breanna Thank you! That is also probably one of my fav shots! Hope to see you and Scott in Malaysia one day :)

  5. i enjoy looking at the wedding shots of Through Our Eyes! ooh and the baba nyonya one is quite a unique wedding eh…. wow and moving on to overseas destination wedding photography… where will that be?

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