Yuzu Mori @ Yuzu

Every once in a while, you come to a restaurant that you know you will keep coming back to. Yuzu is that Japanese restaurant for me and Sharon. While it may not be cheap, but the fresh sashimi and the absolutely beautiful presentation keeps us coming back for more. Quality comes at a price they say, and this is a price that we are willing to pay for.

I decided to treat her to lunch after attending a seminar on almost the whole of Saturday and heading out early on Sunday for a shoot. We started off with the Yuzu Mori which is like 8 different sashimis on one serving. There were two pieces of each so it was just right for us.

When it arrived, it was almost too beautiful to eat. Yeah right, we ate it all up within minutes. The Yuzu Mori costs RM88.

Special Toro Sushi @ Yuzu

Then we ordered one of my all time favs at Yuzu, the Special Toro Sushi. This is like grilled toro on a bed of rice with some teriyaki sauce. Absolute yum I tell you. I know people like rice that are not too sticky but I was struggling with the rice on this. It kept breaking apart. My skills is not l337 enough yet. This was RM28.

Mango Soft Shell Crab Harumaki @ Yuzu

Next up was the Mango Soft Shell Crab Harumaki and when I saw it in the menu, I thought I can’t go wrong since I like mangoes and soft shell crabs. Turned out that it was a tad too “green” for me. The mango was sweet and I couldn’t really taste the soft shell crab. This was RM18.

Yuzu Potato Salad @ Yuzu

We have a thing for potato salads. We like them a lot and we try to order them at every sushi outlet we go to. This was surprisingly the first time we ordered the potato salad here. When it came, we were a bit wary. It looked quite different and expectations were high especially since it cost RM20. Thankfully, it was really good. Definitely one to order again next time.

Foie Gras @ Yuzu

Then came the highlight of the day. Sinful, high in cholesterol and some say cruel – it is our favourite sin food – the Foie Gras! At RM120 for 100gm, we can keep coming back to Yuzu for this. Our previous favourite was from Cafe Cafe in KL, but Yuzu have stolen the throne. Highly recommended if you are fine with eating such food :)

Ishiyaki Geso @ Yuzu

Stone grilled octopus was delivered to us next. By now, we were rather stuffed and one should never order food when you are super hungry! It looks like we over ordered but I was determined to finish everything. After Paul the Octopus predicted that Holland would lose, this was my chance of revenge. I attacked the grilled octopus like there was no tomorrow. Yummy! RM12 is a cheap price to pay for a lil satisfaction. Take that Paul!

Yazai Tempura @ Yuzu

The last dish was the Yazai Tempura or Vege Tempura. Somehow, the tempura in Yuzu is not quite satisfying. Probably the sauce is a bit of a miss. And from now on, I shall never squeeze lemon over tempura again. It just doesn’t work. At RM20, it wasn’t the best way to end the meal but the rest of the stuff more than made up for it.

Total damage to the wallet? RM371.45 including tax and service charge as well as an order of Macha Milkshake and Coke. I am definitely going back to Yuzu again.

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant
T236, 3rd Floor, The Garden Mid Valley City
T: +603 2284 7663, +603 2284 7763
F: +603 2283 6690

10 thoughts on “Yuzu @ The Garden Mid Valley

  1. Somehow … the vege part in the Yazai Tempura pixie looks like the CNY’s lion head >_<

    And a yay for you, you remembered the names and prices this time :D

  2. Omg! it does look like a lion’s head that tempura!! haha. I love the octopus thingy! So cheap and yummy :) and foie gras is love!!

    thanks for lunch :D

  3. @meendee Really? Haha I kept the receipt this time :P

    @babe It does? hehe you are welcome :)

  4. how a man perceives things is so different from how a woman perceives things! women has stronger imagination – non-working wife with big house, big car, mikimoto, tiffany & co, jimmy choo, maids. Get the picture? LOL~

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