Inspire+ by Louis Pang

I once said that education was a lifelong pursuit (probably on Facebook) and it was worthwhile investing in workshops, seminars, books, DVDs and any other forms of education. This year, I signed up for RedNinja’s Got Mojo? workshop, Louis Pang’s Inspire+ Seminar, and the WPPM Conference.

The only sad part is that I will miss the Creative Asia Conference next year, but if you can make it, you should definitely consider it. Anyway, the post here today is for me to share what I got out of the Inspire+ seminar.

Inspire+ by Louis Pang

The seminar was divided into two parts – one on posing and lighting and the other on running the business and marketing. Truth be told, I was there for the second part of the seminar. After all, I don’t expect magic out of a quick posing and lighting session. One thing about workshops and seminars is that you need to know what is your aim in going for them.

This is to avoid having expectations that is unfair to the presenter. And also this way, you won’t get disappointed and you won’t spend unnecessary money attending workshops you don’t need.

Inspire+ by Louis Pang

I am not going to talk about the lighting and posing techniques because well, that needs to be shown. So, you can subscribe to Wedshooter.TV or buy DVDs (tons of them) where you can learn how it is done. First thing I got out of the seminar is the process.

Basically, this is generally the idea: Invite –> Connect –> Convert –> Capture –> Collect –> Process –> Produce –> Promote. It is a continuous cycle but since I am bad in graphics, I can’t make that into a nice circle lah, but you get the point. Everybody needs to go through this before we reach our favourite part of the process which is capture.

Of course, you can also look at how you can farm out certain processes as long as you are not a total control freak. I for one will love to farm out the producing part especially on things like albums and such. I would like to oversee the process, give my input but the actual work to be done by someone else so I can concentrate on what I do best.

Inspire+ by Louis Pang

The second thing is the type of people there are in this world. They are:

1. Never sow but expect to harvest = complainers
2. Never sow and don’t expect to harvest = sufferers
3. Start sowing and expect to harvest now = quitters
4. Continue to sow and expect to harvest later = winners
5. Strategically sowing and harvest = big winners

I would like to think I am slowly graduating from #4 to #5.

Inspire+ by Louis Pang

But it is not all about theory. Being there in the workshop observing how Louis works is an education in itself. We have different styles, we will have captured different shots but seeing what he pays attention to, how he communicates what he wants, those are tips that you can pick up and modify it to fit your own.

Ultimately, a workshop or a seminar is not moulding you to be the speaker but to pick up little tips along the way and improving who you are.

Inspire+ by Louis Pang

So, did I learn from the seminar? That I did. And I am looking forward to learning even more at the WPPM Conference this weekend.

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  1. the bit about types of people in this world is quite helpful in putting things into perspective. =) keep on keepin’ on, nick! =)

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