Marina Sands

During my visit to Singapore last weekend, it was rare that I did not visit the zoo or the bird park. I started off with the idea of visiting Little India but I would have to wake up really early for that so I decided to get some sleep instead. After meeting up with Steph, my parents and sister were in Marina Sands, so I decided to go there and take a look.

And this place is quite amazing. Too bad I was only armed with the 50mm, else I would have loved some UWA shots here.

Marina Sands

The shops here are pretty much the standard affair and you can find many of the brands in other malls as well. But the design of the place is simply quite stunning. I love lines, geometry and this place has plenty of it. Not only that, they have “street performers” in a mall!

Marina Sands

So don’t be surprised to see people on stilts walking around, or a bronze statue smiling back at you. It is all part of the atmosphere. I didn’t grab a picture but apparently some of the top international chefs will open their gourmet restaurant in a sort of a “under one roof” environment.

Will cost me a dent in the wallet but I think I must give it a try one day.

Marina Sands

After that, I took a short walk over to the hotel and while I didn’t go up to the much talked about Skypark and Infinity Pool, I was happy getting some shots of the resort. From the outside, I loved how the sky was reflected off their window panes and luckily, I had good weather that day.

I can only imagine the view from the top.

Marina Sands

But my favourite shot is probably when I stepped into the hotel, looked up and saw the repeating pattern. Absolutely brilliant! I heard it will cost a minimum of 400SGD a night to stay here but I think I will give it a go one day. After all, the experience should be quite worth it.

Judging by how busy the place was, I am sure Marina Sands is going to be the next icon in Singapore. Probably I’ll visit the casino the next time around. Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. @jfook It is very nice, should go visit :)

    @orenzai You should try to make a trip there :)

    @meendee it is, and good for shopping too. And if you are feeling generous, try the top chef restaurants!

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