Yusuf Hashim @ WPPM 2010

Recently, I attended what was possibly the largest gathering of wedding and portrait photographers in Malaysia, the WPPM 2010 Conference. For those wondering what WPPM stands for, it is Wedding & Portrait Photographers Malaysia. Basically, it is a body that we can all be a part of to learn and share.

2010 is the debut year and the 2010 Conference was the first of its kind here in Malaysia. Not only were there Malaysian photographers sharing their experiences, they also managed to pull in some top names around the region like Lito Sy, Charlie Lim and Jerry Ghionis.

There were a lot of speakers so I will only share choice quotes with you guys. Else it might end up being a 10-page essay. That was how much I got to absorb over the two days.

With so many speakers, I couldn’t have attended all of it so I had to pick and choose carefully. First up was Yusuf Hashim, or digitalartist in PhotoMalaysia if you are a member of that forum. He presented on the topic of “Creative Composition”.

When you do it for a passion, you do it well.”
“Pictures are everywhere, know how to look for them.”
“Everything is planned, nothing is accidental.”

Braendan Yong @ WPPM 2010

Next up was a tough one as I had to choose between Jon Low, Alex Lam & Grace Tan or Braendan Yong. I decided to go for Braendan Yong and his topic of “Lights, Camera and Action!”

He had some pretty good tips like adjusting white balance by first setting tint to 0. Then adjust temperature by dragging it all the way to extreme left/right then slowly adjust to the tone you want. If it still doesn’t look right, then adjust the tint. Other tips include, always check your exposure and histogram.

He shoots on manual flash setting and I must say I am beginning to enjoy getting rid of TTL. His tip is to start at 1/32 or 1/16 depending on your flash unit because it is the middle ground. Then depending on the results, you can adjust up or down and should save some time instead of starting off at 1/1.

Kenneth Tan @ WPPM 2010

After that, it was quite a no brainer as I went to listen to Kenneth Tan and his topic of “Destination Weddings”. I am quite a big fan of his work although I will probably never replicate his style. He shared his story, showed his shots and gave us some tips.

#1 Understand the culture
#2 Reccee, be a photographer, not a tourist. Pay attention to the light – direction and quality
#3 Check the weather and timing of the golden hours
#4 Be ready before the moment

I sat through the judging session for the print competition and before I knew it, Day 1 came to an end.

Jerry Ghionis and Me @ WPPM 2010

Off to Day 2 and I was so busy listening that I didn’t take any pictures. The above was taken by Kar Heng before Jerry Ghionis started his talk. And this guy is very inspiring.

“I can’t teach you how to be you.”
“Your camera is a tool, and you are the difference.”
“The more you think, the less you feel.”

Right before Jerry, Jim Liaw shared his experience on using Hasselblad in Rome. It was RM62,000 for the basic setup. All I can say is.. can I have one on loan? :)

Lito Sy, Myself and Charlie Lim @ WPPM 2010

One of my biggest regret of Day 2 was missing the first few sessions and that included Patrick Low, Lito Sy and I managed to catch the tail-end of Charlie’s session. Luckily I managed to speak to the three gentlemen before while shooting clips for The Ninja Report.

But I still missed Patrick’s Leica experience, Lito Sy’s demo on creative veil shots but at least I got to catch Charlie Lim in action. And all I can say is that Charlie can perform magic!

And that was my WPPM 2010 experience! Will definitely attend WPPM 2011!

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  1. @goldfries lol I was there finally but missed the first half :( yep, it was fun. And I bet you enjoyed it more when I was sitting next to you LOL

  2. I like the “the more you think, the less you feel” quote :) … kinda boils down well with my own quote “just shoot from the heart” :D

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