Marina Sands in Singapore

Looks like my latest obsession in Singapore is not the zoo or the bird park but Marina Sands! During my last two trips there, I have been there three times and I got to say I am enjoying finding new angles to photograph this beautiful building. Sharon still hasn’t been there so I am pretty sure I’ll get another shot of it the next time I visit Singapore.

The above was shot using the 20mm and it was in the evening. One of the best thing about the Marina Sands is the glass panes and the reflection they project.

Marina Sands in Singapore

The different angles I got was shot from opposite the Marina Sands near the Shopping Gallery and the Expo Halls. I am pretty sure if I walked over to the hotel side, I would be able to capture different angles and I’ll try that the next time. Not to mention shooting it from afar, near the Durian building or something.

Marina Sands in Singapore

After the evening shots, I went there again in the morning. This time around, I noticed the sun peeking out from the building and decided to try and get that angle. Looks like I might have to stand in the middle of the road next time for a better angle.

Did I tell you I am loving the 20mm? I love wiiideeee shots :)

6 thoughts on “My New Obsession in Singapore – Marina Sands

  1. awesome shots! i love the sky and the reflections on the panes! one more angle you can try is the side-angle to get the letter “A” :D

  2. @meendee thanks and ooo good idea! I shall try that angle the next time :D

    @Thristhan Thanks, do share your photos when you make the trip there :D

    @calvinn thanks and visited your blog too :)

    @jfook thanks

    @The Photoblogger Thanks, and I am no Master :) Perhaps we can catch up when I am in Cebu. Pretty soon!

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