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You might have read this on Through Our Eyes Photography blog, but if not, here goes.

When I first heard of Wedding & Portraits Photographers Malaysia (WPPM), I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join the Enthusiast or Pro category. While I have been shooting with Tim since 2008, being certified seems like a next step that I wasn’t too sure if I was ready to take. The biggest question was, what was the ultimate reason I wanted to be certified?

Some may say industry recognition and some may say so can charge more (just saying, no one told me that :P)! I have never been a fan of forced accreditation because it restricts the freedom of the service industry and wedding/ portrait photography is pretty much a service.

Luckily, WPPM is not a must, it is more of a want. And I found myself wanting it more. Not because I wanted the title, although “WPPM Certified Photographer” sounds rather cool, but because I believed in their code of ethics and because I wanted to know if I was up to the standard.

And so, I submitted my initial shots, which were slightly different from what you saw up there. In front of a crowd (which is not the norm by the way), my shots were reviewed and I was given feedback on what to improve, and how to select my portfolio by established names like Patrick Low, Braendan Yong, Jason Victor and Jack Tan. For that review session alone, I would say, it was worth every single cent I paid for my Pro membership.

Having peers of the same passion and interest review your work is a fantastic experience. This was not my first review experience of course, having had some shots reviewed by Wiki Lee, Jenny Sun, Grace Tan and Jon Low during the RedNinja Camp and I dare say with each review session, I have improved. And I guess that is at the end the point of WPPM (and RedNinja as well!) – to share, to learn, to better oneself.

So, finally, I submitted my 20 shots as shown in the montage above. Sorry if some were cut off as I used an automatic montage creator to do one up. But I hope I gave you a glimpse about my journey into WPPM and I am now proud to say that I am A WPPM Certified Photographer.

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