Holiday Inn Melaka

I was given the opportunity to spend one night at Holiday Inn Melaka over the weekend and it was quite a much needed break for myself. It was not the first time I’ve stayed there although I can’t really remember how it looked like previously. But Holiday Inn has always given me the impression that it is quite dated, and well, old-school.

Well, guess what? Not anymore because they seem to have gone through some sort of makeover and things are looking pretty good.

Holiday Inn Melaka

They housed me on the 18th floor and I got an awesome view of the jetty and beyond. This will be the Straits View room and I guess on the other side, you get a pretty cool view of the Melaka township as well. During the night, the bling bling lights of the Melaka town should be quite a cool view as well.

Not only is the view cool, the room also comes equipped with an iPod docking station which is a nice touch. I didn’t take a picture but while the bathroom may look plain and simple, the shower is amazing. Great pressure, and great temperature control. I can take bath 5 times a day if I had that shower.

Holiday Inn Melaka

I checked out the spa (which will be blogged about soon), and I also checked out their Infinity Pool on the third floor during sunset. I knew in my head that I’ll get an awesome view and I was not disappointed. Even if you don’t swim, this is the place to just sit back, relax and enjoy nature’s awesome scene unfolding before you.

Holiday Inn Melaka

I always said that I am never in luck to photograph beautiful sunsets but this time around, I was there and I was lapping up every moment of it. On the 3rd floor of Holiday Inn Melaka, all I needed to do was look left and right and I would be presented with an awesome view each time.

Holiday Inn Melaka

I think the people at the pool must be thinking I was crazy because I was snapping away. That was pretty much the perfect moment of my stay in Holiday Inn Melaka. For the view alone, I’ll definitely head back there to stay. Ok, it helps that it is pretty near Jonker Street and Melaka Raya where I can get good food.

Holiday Inn Melaka

I’ll end this post with a vote for me kinda thing. Holiday Inn is running a competition called Stay Together Holiday Inn Photo Contest where we submit pictures to best describe the feeling when you are holidaying with families or friends. Sharon was with me this trip and we took some cool Polaroid-like pictures but I decided to submit the picture above.

Why? Because I wanted to show a different version of being together. And that wherever I go, Sharon will always be with me because I will always be wearing a pair of sandals that she bought for me. In this picture, those cool Orange Crocs that she bought for me during the World Cup fever. Yeah, I am a big Dutch fan.

So, remember, vote for me here! Help me win a trip to Bali!

10 thoughts on “Refreshed @ Holiday Inn Melaka

  1. Your legs so straight, seems very stressed hehe! But mannnn, i love all the shots! I’m such a s*cker for sunsets! More so if the sky have awesome clouds! Double more so when there’s water reflection!!! I absolutely *heart* the 4th pixie …. awesome!

  2. @chris Thanks, glad you liked it :)

    @ice Thanks :) it is a really nice hotel

    @meendee lol super relaxed that’s why straight hahaha i love awesome skies too! this current hot weather is giving us some really cool stuff during the golden hours

    @sgtdookie yep yep!

    @babe hehe thanks :D

  3. hey bro,

    jus great timing, i’m going there next week!

    would appreciate more info on the spa and massage service over there!


  4. @Steve will blog about it next week Tuesday :D I hope I’ll still remember the price! hahaha but I believe it was RM200+ for a foot massage and aromatherapy massage.

    They have these “chalets” where they bring you to. Quite good stuff :) Real quiet too so it is relaxing.

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