PS.Cafe @ Palais Singapore

This is going to be one of those post about food that I can’t remember the price. Luckily PS.Cafe has an online menu where I can check for the exact name of the food items. One point to note, if you are coming here by cab, most won’t know the name Palais. So it is easier to tell them Thai Embassy or Orchard Towers. Palais is just a few steps away.

Back to food! We started off with something healthy for everyone to share, but Sharon and I ate majority of it. It is the Berry Plate which is lots of berries with yoghurt and some honey over it. Quite good stuff and off to a healthy start!

PS.Cafe @ Palais Singapore

And then I stole Alvin’s Eggs Benedict for a shot, but luckily for him, I didn’t steal the eggs too. It was basically muffins with poached eggs topped with hollandaise. Looks really yummy and I always wanted to order Egg Benedict. Maybe next time.

PS.Cafe @ Palais Singapore

Then my sister ordered another egg dish and this was the PS. Big Bacon with Eggs. I love eggs and this came with 2 eggs which you can try different style and it has bacon, toast, mushrooms, a big tomato and it is all really good for brunch. We couldn’t eat lunch after this so the big brunch was really worth it.

PS.Cafe @ Palais Singapore

Still on the path of the food that I did not eat but shot pictures of, we next had Dwina’s meal. This was the PS. Bolognaise, which is err spaghetti with homemade ground beef, bacon, grated parmesan cheese and tomato sauce. Still looks pretty good though.

PS.Cafe @ Palais Singapore

And we have now arrived at the food that Sharon and I shared. We had to have soup especially when it is called Portobello Mushroom with Watercress and Truffle Oil. I like all three stuff so the soup was thumbs up for me! No chunky mushrooms but it was fine and smooth. On to our main course!

PS.Cafe @ Palais Singapore

This was why we came here. Alvin told us about the burger that you can squeeze and nothing will drop out. The patty will stay in place along with everything else. Sounds magical? You bet and it is true!

We had the Brunch Burger which is chargrilled wagyu & US chuck pattie topped with fried egg, bacon, onion ring, and melted gruyere & mozarella cheese. This was awesome. Well, except for the onion ring as I am not a big fan of onions. And I have no idea what gruyere is. But everything stays in place and it was not messy to eat at all!

So, if you are interested in trying them out, you can find them at:

PS.Cafe at Palais
Level 2. Palais S.C
390 Orchard Road

9 thoughts on “PS.Cafe @ Palais Singapore

  1. Everything was so good!!! You tried the spaghetti right? Lol. Oh and the wedges that came with the burger was pretty yummy too :)
    Thanks to my sis for settling the bill hehe <3 and your sis for getting us a place.

    Ps : I think gruyere is a type of cheese

  2. @steph uh oh your husband is going to kill me! :P

    @babe hehe yeah everything was good and yeah i did try the spaghetti. Hehe forgot! and yep thanks to your sister for paying everything :D Free meals! whoopeeee! :D

  3. it’s the morning, and i shouldn’t be seeing this on an empty stomach … and without breakfast yet! oh man, such delicious pixies *tummy rumbling*

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