Tiger Cubs @ Zoo Negara

After looking through and posting my “contained wildlife” images on Facebook, I suddenly had this urge to go to the zoo. It has been a while since I visited any and definitely been quite a while since I last took photo of an animal.

Since I just returned from Melaka the week before, it didn’t make sense to drive all the way there again. After all, petrol ain’t cheap. It also didn’t make sense to all the way to Singapore, so I finally decided that my very own Zoo Negara will have to do. The day started off cloudy and it started to drizzle so that was a bit of a worry.

But when I reached there, and went to the tiger enclosure and saw the above, I didn’t really care about the rain.

Tiger Cubs @ Zoo Negara

Having not been to the local zoo for ages, I didn’t know that there were some major cleaning up going on. Some of the enclosures were closed and my favourite tiger enclosure where the swimming tiger used to be was closed for upgrading works. I really hope it is an upgrade.

At least, the cubs made up for it. They were really, really cute. And being young and innocent, they are still very active! I hope they stay that way for a long time more to come!

Tiger Cubs @ Zoo Negara

Zoo Negara is not exactly the prettiest of zoos, so it is quite a challenge to find a good spot. Some people have been asking me if this is really our national zoo, and all I have to say that yes it is. As long as you compose out the ugliness, the animals are really quite beautiful. You also need patience, to wait for the animals to be active, or to get into an ideal framing location.

I hope that one day when I visit Zoo Negara, I say so with pride. Let’s hope that day comes sooner rather than later because a well-designed and well-maintained zoo is one huge tourist attraction.

Tiger Cubs @ Zoo Negara

I had fun at Zoo Negara, like I always do. I find myself spending less time at the zoos, no more 6-8 hours trip. Just 3 hours max and these days I head straight to the animals I want to photograph. Once I get those shots, then only I look for other stuff if I have the time.

I wonder if there is a market for a zoo photographer. I would love to get into that. :)

9 thoughts on “A Tiger Cub Surprise

  1. I wonder if there is a market for a zoo photographer. I would love to get into that. :)

    Yes there is, Nick. It’s called National Geographic. Try it sometime. I hear it’s quite rewarding.

  2. @Jan Shim NatGeo eh? :) Maybe I should try that “Your Shot” thing and see if I can get it up there :)

  3. I’ve been meaning to submit my pics to YOUR SHOTS for months but never got round to actually doing it. It’ll be my resolution after trip to Hong Kong tomorrow!

  4. @Jan Shim Haha hope to see your shots up there soon then :D

    @meendee of course everyone wants a tiger cub as pet! :P

    @lechua wow! thanks :)

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