Last year I went to Cebu and enjoyed myself there so much that I decided to hold my wedding there. This year October 1st, I got married at the beautiful resort called Shangri-la Mactan Resort & Spa. And I still think Cebu is one of the best islands that one can visit in this part of the world.

These are, as you can see, not my wedding photos because well, they aren’t ready yet. Will definitely share them here when I get it. Having said that, I think I probably need to upload the awesome slideshow that Mark and Ian prepared :)


After the wedding, we decided to engage Islands Banca again, and these pictures here were from that trip. We went for a snorkeling trip at Nalusuan Island which is a great place to snorkel. We also wanted white sand beach but apparently Nalusuan wasn’t the place to go. Oh well, guess I’ll have to try a different island the next time.

While Islands Banca is probably not the cheapest around, I highly recommend them because their bancas are clean, comfortable and everyone will enjoy it for sure. It is better to pay a little more to have that peace of mind, don’t you think?


Our trip to Nalusuan was in the evening and by the time we return, it was already 7pm or so. And because the sun sets in Cebu around 6pm, we had a beautiful golden hour during our return trip. Everyone was enjoying the breeze, the view and of course the company.

Cebu, I shall see you again!

13 thoughts on “My Return to Cebu

  1. @hsuyeung :P I charge per print hahaha

    @Albert Thanks :) it is an awesome place :D

    @Babe hehe thanks! :D

  2. So if we come visit you someday, do we get to go to these places?!! If so, we might have to put a little more effort into making that trip happen!!! So jealous of how good these photos are by the way.

  3. @Breanna this place is four hours flight from my place and in an entirely different country! :P You might want to ask your fans in the Philippines to bring you there. :D

    And you have nothing to be jealous about! You have awesome-r photos! :D

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