Tuna Sisig @ Gerry's Grill

After the wedding, after the island hopping, it was decided that we need to make one last stop at Gerry’s Grill before heading home. Sharon didn’t join us because she was helping her sister do some shopping so it was just myself and my close friends who attended the wedding. Looking back, we ordered quite a few dishes so this is going to be one massive post.

First up was tuna sisig, we really love pork sisig but they ran out of it! Shows you how popular pork sisig is, and how yummy it is. Tuna sisg wasn’t that bad, but it definitely pale in comparison to the porky version.

Inihaw na Liempo @ Gerry's Grill

Then we had the Inihaw na Liempo which is like grilled pork, or “siew yok” as we call it here. Only different is that it is still attached to the bone so you got to use your hands to tear it out. Anything pork is good so this is definitely good.

Inihaw na Pusit @ Gerry's Grill

With pork being a staple food at most of our meals, we wanted to give more seafood this time around. So Inihaw na Pusit was ordered, and this is basically grilled squid. So, replace pork with squid and you have the dish, and it was a welcomed change.

Inihaw na Tuna Belly @ Gerry's Grill

More seafood was served to us when the Inihaw na Tuna Belly made its way to our table. It was cleared within minutes, and that shows how hungry we were, as well as how good the food was. As you can see, the porky dishes were really limited this time around because trust me when I say, we ate a lot of pork prior to this.

Adobong Puso Rice @ Gerry's Grill

With so many meat, we need rice. And we ordered two different rice dishes. The first was Adobong Puso Rice which is basically rice cooked in adobo style. Wrapped in some leafy thing which is made to look like a human heart, the rice was cooked with garlic, soy sauce, vinegar, and spices. This is perfect to accompany our other dishes.

Sizzling Kangkong @ Gerry's Grill

Where is the vege you wonder? Well, we eat a balanced meal, although it might not seem like so. So we ordered what we were all familiar with, Sizzling Kangkong. Surprisingly, they call it the same thing as we do. Nothing to shout about as it was just to make sure we had some greens as well.

Bagoong Rice @ Gerry's Grill

As I said, we had two rice dishes and the second is pretty much what I ordered one night in Manila, and since then, I think we had it every single time we visited Manila or Cebu (not that we go that often). It is basically fermented fish and brine, which doesn’t sound great, but tastes awesome!

Chichabits @ Gerry's Grill

This is getting to be really long but we are reaching the end soon. We had a Gerry’s specialty called Chichabits which is homemade Chicharon. This is really going to give you a heart attack if you eat too much of it, because it is basically fried pork lard. But well, what kills you taste awesome! So, yes gimme more!

Garlic Adobo Shreds @ Gerry's Grill

And lastly, but actually this was the first dish, I’ve been blogging it in reverse order :P, we had the Garlic Adobo Shreds. Apparently, a favourite of Gerry and also a favourite of ours. All in all, it was a fantastic meal at Gerry’s Grill. Now who says you can’t get good local food at one of these franchise looking things? :)

Gerry’s Grill Cebu (SM)
Northwing, SM Cebu
Phone: (032) 412-7094, (032) 238-9576
Email: smcebu@gerrysgrill.com

11am to 10pm daily

8 thoughts on “Gerry’s Grill @ SM City Cebu, Philippines

  1. 5:1 ratio of meat vs vege …. that’s not balanced wei :P Nice foodie pixies, you’re getting much awesome at this … and i’m rusting haha

  2. @hsuyeung your view is biased lol

    @meendee haha 5:1 is balanced lor :P and thanks! where are pics of your lil one? :D

  3. Hey nich! great food blog post but next time if you do come here I’ll recommend another filipino restaurant.

    hopefully if i get to be anywhere there in your place I’ll bring you guys some chicharon. Great post!

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