Every once in a while, I get extended some cool stuff like getting nominated for an Award, and getting a free holiday. This time around, I was given the chance to catch the sneak peek of MadWorld, an experimental production by DUMC and SIBKL. It is a combination of dance, music, and very little dialogue.

While the sneak preview I was watching was still lacking the finer touch, like proper backdrops, play of lights and sound, and media integration, it gave me a glimpse of what it could be. And if I was bowled over by what I saw yesterday, anyone watching the full production will be leaving the hall utterly impressed.


But of course, I can’t just leave you with a shot of the postcard. After all, the idea of having us there was so that we can have the opportunity to take some shots and share it with the world. I’ll try to share some insights that Ronny/Ronnie (he said his name a few times but unfortunately didn’t spell it out for us :P) and Stephanie was giving us but truth be told, I was excited to shoot, so I didn’t really listen.

But I paid attention to the show! THE TRUTH!


MadWorld initially started off with the title, How We Should Save the World? or something to that effect. It was then shortened, and shortened and finally it became one word, MadWorld. Why one, and not two you ask?

Let me try to explain it the way Ronnie/Ronny did because I was still digesting it. Basically he said they wanted the title to reflect that it is one entity. Rather than being a mad world, where it is merely a descriptor, MadWorld was supposed to be more reflective. Errr get it? If you don’t, go watch it, hunt down the producer and go ask him :)


So what is MadWorld? MadWorld is an audio-visual feast of movement, music and drama that bares the souls of two protagonists – Adam and Lucas, asking the question, “What is the worth of our souls?”

And that my friend is the official descriptor of the production. To me, it was basically a representation of us today. People like you and me. This was meant to be a Christmas production, but it is not all Christmasy, which is good. Because anyone can watch this show regardless of gender, race or religion. The message is that universal.

Furthermore, it is FREE.


Finally, when, where and how you can watch it? Below are the details:

DUMC Dream Centre, Section 13, PJ
3/12/10, Friday – 8pm
5/12/10, Sunday – 3.30pm
5/12/10, Sunday – 8pm
Ticketing: No tickets, just show up

SIBKL Auditorium, Bangunan Yin (next to Phileo Damansara 1):
25/12/10, Saturday – 7.30pm
26/12/10, Sunday – 10am
26/12/10, Sunday – 7.30pm
Ticketing: Contact your SIB friends or call +603 7957 2701

For more info on MadWorld, you can visit http://www.madworld.my/. And I leave you with a simple video of the shots I took:

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