KL Wedding By Edwin Tan

I must be a lucky man for various reasons. One – for having a gorgeous, loving and caring wife. Two – for having great family and friends. Three – for having great friends, who doubles up as great photographers.

While waiting for my other awesome photos from a bunch of really great photogs (Mark, Ian, Ming Wei, Jong, Kar Heng and Kian Kheong), here are some from Edwin Tan.

The above is his favourite, and also one of my favs. And that is also why I call him the Master of Reflections :D

KL Wedding By Edwin Tan

And next fav is a group shot of me and my friends (I know Kar Heng has another funny one too), and this one is made more awesome by Malcom’s half constipated face and Ai Lin making the effort to jump even though her foot was injured. And surprisingly, the shortest guy jumped the highest.

KL Wedding By Edwin Tan

And then there is the “dance and twirl” shot which looked quite ridiculous when you are doing it, but I guess the pic showed that it is worth making yourself look funny!

KL Wedding By Edwin Tan

And last but not least, is me pushing Sharon in a luggage cart! And that is me pretending to run and push. I tell you, I very good in posing wan! :P

So, that is just a taste of what he shot that day. For more pics of us, visit his blog at edwintcg.com/blog. Be a fan of his work as I have :)

And if you are looking for a wedding photographer, then don’t forget the name Edwin Tan!

11 thoughts on “I Must Be A Lucky Man

  1. Gorgeous? Confirm blind.

    You look so cham .. Push me cannot move? Haha heavy as an elephant!

    Yessss choose Edwin!! :D amazing photographer and i find him very funny too lol!

  2. @Freda wahaha great minds think alike :P

    @babe hehe im not blind :D it is the truth. where got cham? Tat’s the pyscho look :D

    @yeung Told you i am good hahahahaha

    @ken thanks to edwin tan :D

    @edwin lol hard sell ah? let me know if got leads :P i charge commission! hahahah

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