The Walking Dead Comic

It has been a while since I last read a comic because frankly, I am fast losing interest in the usual superhero stuff. I liked Y the Last Man, Girls and some of the funkier comics and honestly, never heard of The Walking Dead until the TV series came out.

I caught a bit of the first episode, and when I went to Singapore, I picked up Compendium 1 of the comic and boy, was I hooked! After 72 issues, I am now searching for Volume 13 which is another 6 issues and no luck on that front yet.

The comic has a nice pace, the twist comes at you without warning and it is quite an emotional roller coaster ride. Not only that, the comic ensured that characters are introduced, and you get to know them, and so, when they are killed, you actually feel for the people who lost them.

It has been a long time since I found a series that I had to immediately read and this was it.

The Walking Dead TV Series

Back home, I decided that since I can’t get Volume 13 of the trade paperback, I was going to start watching the TV series. While I was expecting it to be slightly different, it surprised me that it was actually quite different. Only the first episode sort of followed the first issue.

While the characters are largely the same, there were additions and how the story seems to be developing is quite a change from the comic. Personally, I found the comics better, because the TV series seems to be throwing in a lot of characters right from the start.

The zombies also seem faster and smarter. I am into the third episode (I think) and while it is still one of the better TV series out there, I sometimes wonder if it would have been better if it stuck to the same storyline as the comics. I’ll never know but at least now I got two different things to look forward to.

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