Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Back on track for movie watching and Monday Movie Reviews, we caught two movies over the weekend which were really kid-friendly movies. The first was what could have been a Disney success story if they didn’t pull the plug and the second was a classic Disney movie.

When Disney pulled the plug on Chronicles of Narnia after Prince Caspian, I thought that was the last that I would see but Fox swooped in to fund the filming of Voyage of the Dawn Treader. And they certainly made a great decision, from how much I enjoyed the movie. Not too sure about the return of investment though.

Considering that it was released alongside Rapunzel (or Tangled), and Harry Potter 7, they might have been swarmed by the giants. But it is a nice movie, and possibly the best of the series. The pacing was right this time, without too many slow moments where one can fall asleep.

I watched in it 3D, but there wasn’t that many 3D moments so you could possibly save some money and just watch the normal version instead. I always thought the Narnia series was a great series for the kids, because there are life lessons to learn there. Probably a bit better than being influenced by emo vampires or wizards.

Rapunzel (Tangled)

Next up is a Disney classic of songs, dance and animation. And I must say that watching animation in 3D is loads of fun. There is that added depth and it is a nice touch. I always thought this movie was called Rapunzel but apparently it is also called Tangled.

No matter, the movie is based on the Rapunzel series, with a few twist of its own of course. While it is CGed, it maintains the formula of the good ol’ classic Disney movies where they burst into songs. I always thought those were the best Disney cartoons and it is no wonder that I enjoyed Rapunzel a lot.

The songs were good, the lines were punchy and throw in hilarious animals and you got a winning recipe for kids and adults.

So, if you are looking for kid-friendly movies, then there are two great ones showing in the cinema right now. Just in time for the school holidays :)

5 thoughts on “Monday Movie Review: Could-Have-Been-Disney & Disney

  1. It’s so nice i don’t get bored watching it again. Disney made some really nice songs.

    For narnia, it was okay but I still like the book better. They did do a good job rying to show what’s in the book.

  2. @The Photoblogger Yep yep definitely agree with you on Rapunzel.

    I couldn’t really enjoy the Narnia series (the books), no idea why. I got bored after the third book I think :P

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